Flash 10.1 On Google TV, Chrome OS, Android Makes Apple Look Silly And Petty


Adobe announced the Flash 10.1 Beta today, and then went ahead and told everyone why it is so awesome.   When Adobe is not on the ropes defending Flash from Steve Jobs’ shots below the belt, they are pretty good at explaining why Flash player 10.1 is so good.  Here are few highlights (I’m paraphrasing Adobe here, so if you want the full depth, please go read the original article):

  • Power and Battery Optimizations
  1. Instance Management:   Intelligently load and play back Flash content only after it comes within view on the web page.
  2. Pause and Resume: Flash Player will automatically pause the content that is running when the browser is hidden from view.
  3. Timer Throttling: Flash Player makes use of timers to control the speed of content execution.
  • Maximizing Performance
  1. Automatic Compression:  Compression of media in memory to match the typically smaller screen size and color depth of a mobile device.
  2. Circular Buffering: Allows Flash Player to constrain the size of the media buffer and recycle this memory as the content plays.
  3. Low Memory Detection:  A new system that detects when memory is running low so defensive actions can be taken to prevent a crash
  • Usability and Interactivity
  1. Consistent Smart Phone Behaviors: Supprot for Full screen, zoom, double taps, device roations, etc.
  2. Text fields: Support for virtual keyboards, and intelligent repositioning of text fields on the screen.
  3. Other Mobile Paradigms: Accelerometer Support and Geolocation support

Anyway, this announcement along with Google’s recent announcement of…

  • Google TV:  A an Internet/TV platform that includes Flash 10.1 Support
  • Google Chrome App Store: A Store to sell web apps made in ANY technology
  • Android Froyo : New Android with Flash 10.1 support 
  • WebM: A New open source video standard using the VP8 codec

…has we here at 8bitrocket.com towers falling in love with Google.  We especially love this story from PC Magazine:

Excuse us for not siding with Steve Jobs on that one.

I appears to us that, without the blocking maneuvers, 1/2 truths, and reality distortion from Apple, Adobe was able to achieve some pretty cool stuff while working with Google.  In fact, one of the things Google announced for both Android and Google TV was the ability to play FLASH GAMES.  As far as we are concerned, they are in it with us for the win. 

To us, this simply makes Apple’s stance on Flash look foolish.  It might be great for their own business…in the short term, but in the long-term it appears that Google and Adobe are winning the war for the hearts and minds of developers. 

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