The internets is full of smart, beautiful people…actual complaints about the Google Pac-Man Doodle (edit)

The internets is full of smart, beautiful people…actual complaints about the Google Pac-Man Doodle (edit)

The Google Doodle will only be live as Pac-Man for the next few hours(approx after the Champions League Final Tomorrow). I read a few blog entries on the anniversary celebration and some of the comments from “users” that accompany the stories are particularly odd. I have left off the names of the people who submitted these, and I sincerely hope they are all fake…but I just don’t know anymore.

It seems that many people must have set as their default home page in their browser. Some of them must not understand how computers or the internet work.

 Maybe on some browsers the sound in the swf that is used has a problem, but in all of the browsers I tried it works fine. I have to assume that these people are nuts, stupid, or just ignorant.  Some people also had trouble realizing that they could still use the search box search with the Doodle changed to the game. Since when has the doodle not allowed someone to search (it changes all the time, just not to a game).

Note: We realize that the game is in Javascript. We took  deep dive look at the code to figure out how they were playing the sounds because sound in Javascript games is notoriously awful (and difficult to code). The Google guys used a unique solution – they embedded a swf on the page with the sounds and played them with the Javacript to Flash external interface. Brilliant! So, when we said “swf”  above (and further down) we don’t mean the actual game (it is n Javascript, not HTML5 or Flash) but the sounds package.

Some of these comments are from people who didn’t like the idea, some from those with technical problems, some from people who just don’t like Pac-Man (explains their insanity), and some are just idiotic inbreeds. You be the judge. I am speechless at some of these, so I won’t add any more comments here.
I will leave that up to you:

Note: After reading all of the below comments I have come to the
conclusion that there must have been some sort of problem with some
browsers and the sfw used to play the game sounds. In any case I will
still make fun of the comments because there were not posted on a Google
board, but they were posted as comments on various blog and news sites.
I think some of these people actually thought that by complaining on
some random site they could get their “home page fixed” (sic).

“The noise coming from the google site is insane and can drive anyone
insane. Are you trying to reduce your customer numbers? Well you are
doing a great job at killing your appeal to customers. This is so called
celebration was very stupid and immature. I see that you can not even
call to complain. You must have been bombarded by angry people. I am
sadly disappointed in google… And I thought you were so great.”

“Google is not my front page. Just heard the din when openning web.
Thought this was a virus.

Wasted hours trying to get rid of it without use of web. Now I know
what it is I am disgusted that google could be so iresponsible.”

“Enough! get rid of this crap”

“The noise was confusing to me, I couldn’t figure out where it was coming
from, finally I realize something was going on in the background&
saw that it was a game, I tried everything to delete it, without any

“Please stop that sound.”

“please turn of the pacman sound i can’t stand it

“Google changed the home page for hundreds of us without giving us the
option of opting out. That sucks!!!!!!!!!”

“The Pacman is so annoying. At first I thought it was a virus, and no
matter how much I tried, I couldn’t get rid of it. Please just tell me
how to remove it from my home page”

“I am a teacher and found this to be extremely annoying today! Students
were playing pac man instead of doing research for projects.”


“My Google home page only shows a tiny square box with the pacman logo.
How do I get to get on my google home page?”

“How dare YOU Google invade my private space with that screaming noise
from pacman.

Good bye Google…..!”

” dont want this on my screen the noise is grating on me and i cant stop
it without muting my computer can you remove it now!!!!!

“How can I get rid of this google doodle, I did not ask for it and I
don’t want it, do I have to change my browser ?”

“I thought it was a virus.

Hope it goes away soon”

“Help – the noise is driving me mad. How stupid to put this on Google
home page. I am fed up with intrusions like this! Tell people how to
switch the blinking noise off!!!!!!!!!!!”

“how to delete this stupid game it disturb me”

“Please get rid of this load of rubbish called Pac_Man”

“How do I get rid of this pac man nonsense”

If you want to read comments from actual sane people (read those who like Pac-man) the Joystiq article and comments are “bad ass”.

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