You too can "Hack the Pac". A guide to hacking the Google Pac-man Doodle

A month or so back Google celebrated Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary by replacing the Google Doodle with a playable version of Pac-Man.

(click the image to play it in its new Google home)

Retrogaming Monthly has a nicely written article on how to create your own version of the  doodle by modifying the code. The authors of the game have generously posted the source code and (Javascript, HTML5, and Flash for sound) for any and all to see how it was created and the modify it to their hearts content.

The article explains the variables used to change game parameters so even a novice coder can try their had at a slightly hacked version of the game. I’d love to see those and especially what some more experienced developers might come up with.

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