Flash v. HTML 5 For Video? The YouTube API Blog speaks out

Flash v. HTML 5 For Video? YouTube API Blog speaks out

I have spent the better part of the last month re-teaching myself Javascript (the OOP type this time around) and taking a dive into the HTML5 canvas. Steve and I are working on a book about the canvas so I am in no way a  Canvas hater. In fact, I really enjoy working with it. I have a really decent Asteroids game (big surprise) going so far The production pipeline is pretty must exactly like using FlashDevelop w/o the Flash IDE but with AS2 and a nice drawing and image manipulation API. It isn’t as good as BitmapData, but  it’s close.

Also, special thanks to the super virile Alan Donnelly for sending this over.

YouTube is pretty much the king of online video. They understand what is needed by both the little guy and the professional for a video platform and a video player. This article, entitled Flash and HTML5 <video> Tag from the YouTube API Blog does a really great job of explaining what you can and can’t do with both the Flash Player and the HTML5 canvas for video.

I have been researching video platforms for my day job for many weeks now and I was going to write up something similar, but they do a great job of hitting all of the points (and more) that I would have covered.

The <video> tag is really good, but there certainly are some things that it cannot do by itself. This article covers those and a few other associated problems (read opportunities for the HTML5 guys to improve)

Take a look.

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