Contest : Flash Game License "Cell Your Flash Game"

The rules are simple: submit a high-quality Flash game that can be played and enjoyed on Android 2.2 smart phones.

You can enter a brand new game or port one of your existing games, and you can enter more than one game in this contest.

By entering, you agree to grant us a non-exclusive license to display your game (with your 3rd party ads turned off, if applicable) on a new mobile gaming portal we’re creating. The site, which will be, will promote awareness of Flash gaming on portable devices.

Games will be judged based on how well they meet Adobe’s criteria for mobile games, as well as on the quality of gameplay. (But they won’t be judged on the use of advanced phone features like an accelerometer or multi-touch input.)

Your game needs to work in the mobile environment as well as possible. That means that:

  • Your game must scale appropriately to multiple screen resolutions, keeping buttons and interactive elements at a usable size.
  • Your game’s rescaled user interfaces must work with game logic. For example, hunt-the-pixel games must not become unacceptably difficult.
  • And input events that aren’t supported on a mobile device – like mouse-over and mouse-move events – must not be important to game-play.

Winning entries will also:

  • Perform well on less-capable devices.
  • Support the “Pick up and Play” game flow that mobile players expect.
  • Look great at smaller resolutions.
  • Be incredibly fun and cool to play!

Here is a link to the contest page:

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