Games I'll Play Again #1 – Flash Game Distribution Reviews

Using the last few days of the Flash Game Distribution feed, here are a list of games that I played quickly and were interesting enough for me to want to play again. I have given each a quickie  grade based on my first impression.  Take the grades with a grain of salt. Also, I give every game a “retrotastic” grade even it it is not retro in any way. (TJTWIR).

The Little Bee (80% Retrotastic) – Classic Shooter

Bob the Thief (81% Retrotastic) – Puzzle/Arcade

Street Speed (88% retrotastic) – Awesome 2D Racser

Boozoids (85% Retrotasic) – Platformer

Escape The Noddy (No grade, just check it out, it will give you nightmares).

Space Invader Classic (70% Retrotastic) – Retro Shooter

Callow Drift (83% Retrotastic) – Jaunty platformer

The Super Zero (80% Retrotastic) – Side scrolling blaster

Jump ++ (78% Retrotastic) – It would get a higher score if I could figure it out. Nicely made arcade game though.

Pixel Shooters (83% Retrotastic) – Arcade game (not a version of the game with a similar name from our book).

Save The Birds (80% Retrotastic) – Cute physics based puzzler

Potboy’s Adventure (81% Retrotastic) – Surprising fun if crudely drawn platformer.

Bieber Bottle Bash (No score) – Simple game, but boy does this little dude deserve whatever he gets.

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