Games I’ll Play Again 8/16/2010 – Flash Game Distribution and Mochi Reviews

It would be easy to just go to the Mochi featured game list and hit those as they have been pre-screened for me. No can do, bud. That would leave out the wonderful world of games that don’t get much attention (most deservedly so). Today I will be going through some more of the FGD feed and the Mochi Latest Games list to discover games that I would actually play again (if I had the time to play games).  Each of these is special in its own way (good or bad). If you would like me to take a look at your game, send me and email to info[at]8bitrocket[dot]com.

All games get a score from 0-100 on the Retrotastic scale (a first impression of game’s overall quality biased by my completely biased likes and dislikes). A game doesn’t have to be retro in any way to get on this scale, but it helps because I will play it longer.

Anti Invasion Fighter – (FGD) Arcade blaster (82% Retrotastic) – A fun, well made game.

Blockies Breakout (FGD) – Awesome Breakout/Arknoid game (88% Retrotastic). It doesn’t hurt that I am a HUGE Dave Munsie fan, but that aside this is a wonderfully crafted game.

Royal Envoy – (Mochi) – (No Score). It’s not that games like this are not well crafted and professionally made…it’s that they ARE! This is a demo of a a pay to buy game and it shows. I don’t plan on reviewing too many games like this, but I fully support what they are doing. The production values and scope of this strategy / kingdom style game are well above what an individual indie can produce. That being said, it is a wonderfully made game. I don’t have time to give it the due it needs, but you certainly should. These are the types of games (if purchased by players) that will keep the indie game business going strong.

Deadly Road Battle – (Mochi) – Classic top-down scrolling shooter with 360 shooting action. (80% Retrotsatic). Fun, but not deep. Good for a fun basting time.

Sub-zero condition – (Mochi) – 8-bit looking adventure / zombie shooter. (83% Retrotastic). I can’t honestly give this one a score yet as it looks awesomely fun but I need more time with it.

Miranda Kerr Dress-up (Mochi) (75% Retrotastic) – As dress-up games go, this one is not technically too shabby (clothes stick to the correct spots, etc). Plus, it has a surprisingly accurate depiction of the Victoria Secret cutie to dress-up. Yes,  there probably are some issues with IP here. Would I play it again? Probably not, but it shouldn’t stop you from trying it. Also, I can’t completely ignore a genre like this.

Shoot Down (Mochi) (75% Retrotastic) – An interesting take on breakout / Arknoid. It has some issues but the kernel of a great game is in here. It needs polish to become a big hit.

That’s all the time I have for today, but there are mountains of games to look through. Send me a link to yours so I don’t have to find it in the pile…

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