Games I’ll Play Again #3 – Flash Game Distribution and Mochi Reviews

I find it easier to get into my day if I play a few games first.  Digging through the Mochi Latest and Flash Game Distribution feed, here are some games that were good or bad enough for me to want to take a second look (at some ethereal unspecified future date).

Deep Diver (FGD) (83% Retrotastic) – A well made arcade / exploration game with mellow music (I was almost lulled to sleep by the long intro and the music, but it is a great game for kids)

Crazy Race Arena 2 (FGD) (85% Retrotastic) – An ambitious (if slightly flawed) first person 3D “smash-em-up derby game”. This took some technical wizardry.

Cork Blaster (Mochi) (65% Retrotastic) – This isn’t a deep game, you simply try to shoot the corks off the tops of bottles, but if you miss and shoot the bottles it makes a satisfying explosion. That’s enough to get me excited this morning.

Zombie Miner (Mochi) (80 % Retrotastic) – Well made, fun little mining game (shoot to grab treasure from the top of the screen style) with a Zombie(?) theme.

Paint Man (Mochi) (65% Retrotastic) – Better than it looks 8-bit (or even 4-bit) style game.  It’s hard to explain, so watch the tutorial.

Cavity Crusade (Mochi) (88% Retrotastic) – I was getting bored and ready to stop reviewing games, but then this gem came along. Shoot the baddies and save the teeth.

Space Mission (Mochi) (75% Retrotastic) – There are both English and Spanish versions of this little arena / avoider game. Not incredible, but it was fun for a few plays a little unique.

Soviet Conquest (Mochi) (75% Retrotastic) – Hmm, I don’t know about this one, but I would try it out again. You don’t find too many traditional war games on Mochi. if I have time I will come back…

Oil Spill Escape – (Mochi) (82% Retrotastic) – Very well crafted little side-scroller where you avoid the gulf oil spill.

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