The Future Of Web Games: The Google Chrome App Store is running a story from GDC Europe about the Google Chrome App Store.   From the details provided, it looks like Google has a real winner on their hands.  Here are the highlights from the article.

Google Chrome App Store

Launch Date: October 2010

Supported Technologies: Flash, HTML5/JavaScript, C++

Installation: Users “install” web apps on their device/machine.  Permissions are granted at install time.

Google’s Cut: 5%

Store Features: Free and paid apps, free trials, subscriptions. No micro transactions (yet), but you can use other solutions or roll your.

Steps To Deploy Your Game

  1. Create a web based game
  2. Create a wrapper (manifest file with icons, metadata)
  3. Upload: Create pricing, description, add videos, etc.
  4. Publish

We are very excited about this.   8bitjeff is developing a strategy right now to put it through it’s paces with a real-world test very soon.

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