Atari Nerd Interweb Mash-up

Here are some of the more interesting Atari related retro gaming related tidbits I found while trolling across the infobaun.

The Classis Game Room HD Reviews Atari 2600 Video Olympics – The only way to play pong on the 2600! (literally and hyberbole). Who doesn’t like Ice Hockey Pong with 4 players?

The Classic Game Room HD Review Atari 2600 Home Run – If they called it “Over The Line” or “Pickle” it would have been a better description.

Curt Vendel has added some new stuff to the site:
Pictures and some descriptions of his Atari Corp  document, blueprint, etc cataloging project.
– The pre-release issue of Atari Connection Magazine (circa 1981) was added to the archives.
New an interesting Jaguar docs including the payment amounts to game developers and  a licensing agreement to use Jaguar tech in set top boxes.

Here is one of the numerous reports that quoted Nolan Bushnell as calling himself stupid for having sold the original Atari.

The ISO50 Blog’s awesome set of “would-be” Atari design concepts.

The Music from Alternate Reality (The City)  for the Atari 800. It’s as good as the Mule Music but a little more ethereal.

The SteelBerry Clones blog has a sweet Atari 8-bit demo scene piece of “zar jaz”.

The Retroist provides Atari rainbow logo wall paper.

And finally, and absurd apology (via Gizmodo) on the screen of an Atari TT used to test Jaguar Games.  I wonder what the “transgression was…”.

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