More Games I Might Play Again (Flash Game Micro Reviews)

Ahh, here I am, its a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Southern California, and I am in doors, playing YOUR games. God I hope they are good this time…

Hikouki Tomodachi (FGD) (82% Retrotastic) – A very fun, and well done 1 or 2 player vertical scrolling blast-fest.

Darts and Beer (FGD) (75% Retrotastic) – Just as the title states. Play a pretty decent version of Flash darts and chug some beer (virtual) between each round. The more you drink the more difficult the game becomes.

Megapolis Traffic (FGD) (79% Retrotastic) – I love the look of this game.   The object is to navigate public transportation to get to your desired end point. A novel concept.  There are some interesting game design ideas in this one.

Protect The Treasure (FGD) (70% Retrotastic) – A simple, but pretty well presented shooter. You must protect your treasure from the attacking horde of zombie-like creatures.

Britney Spears (FGD) (10% Retrotatsic) – This dress-up game is notable only for how little the avatar looks  like Britney Spears.  It gets 10% because they did a good job looping the music sample. Let’s note that I don’t despise these games and understand they have and audience and hopefully make some money for the developers. This is not a good one though.

Santa Pod Racer (FGD) (80% Retrotastic) – Now, this is a well done little “Dragster” style game. It reminds me of the Atari 2600 classic.

Gunzy (FGD) (80% Retrotastic) – Another fun little game. You keep the can in the air while earning badges and shooting other little critters that make an appearance. It really is a cool little time waster.

Zombie Beast Stampede (FGD) (83% Retrotastic) – A deep and fun little “Tower” not “Path” defense style game combined with an arcade shooter.

E7 (FGD) (90% Retrotastic) – A cinematic masterpiece hiding in a very well crafted physics-based side-scrolling adventure.

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