Does The Droid-X Blockbuster OnDemand Commercial Make Sense?

I have seen this commercial quite a few times and have always had a little “itch” in the back on my mind as I see it. I didn’t have much time to ponder this “itch” until this morning.

I can’t find the commercial on-line (but I see it in online video pre-rolls all the time, especially on the Comedy Central Site). The commercial shows a dude, sitting in from of some HUGE Apple iMac-like monitors (presumably at work?) as he watches “giant” (as described in the commercial) Blockbuster onDemand video on his mobile Droid-X phone.

Note: I found the commercial. It looks like the guy is using Windows. In the final cut away shot his other monitor does look like a 36 inch iMac. In any case, especially since he is in Windows, why watch the onDemand on his tiny mobile screen?

What’s wrong with this picture? Why would he watch the video on a relatively tiny mobile screen (tiny in comparison to the 36 inch iMac monitors right next to him?). This was really bugging me because I would much rather watch the Bourne Supremacy (the movie he is watching in the commercial) in HD wide-screen on one of those giant iMac monitors next to him.

So, I ventured over to the Blockbuster site to have a look at the onDemand library on my iMac, and this is the message I get:

So, it seems they left some of the story out of the commercial. That dude first tried to watch the video on the giant iMac screen in front of him, but since Blockbuster’s site won’t work with any operating system other than Windows (plus IE or IE + Firefox bastardization tab) he got frustrated, pulled out is mobile device and was able to see the video there.

Wow, that makes sense now.

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