Retro Gaming Round Up Atari Edition Podcast with Ted Dabney Interview

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Being self avowed Atari Nerds for more than 33 years now, Steve and I are always game to hear information on the controversial start-up, on-going business, and eventual crash of the original video game giant. In this edition of the Retro Gaming Roundup the team uncovers some interesting fodder for the discussion boards.  In this podcast, being completely dedicated to Atari,  the guys discuss everything from the vapor ware like Mindlink controller, video phones, to the top 10 Atari arcade games,  the Atari 2700, the Super Breakout handheld, and all the way to the buried desert bunkers full of Atari hardware and carts.

The extra special part of this podcast is an interview with  Ted Dabney. Ted started Syzygy Engineering with Nolan Bushnell  in the early 70’s. Video game history was changed forever with that pairing.  The interview uncovers some very interesting information that has not been readily available before. Ted Dabney is not given proper credit for his role in the birth of the industry so it is nice to hear his side of the story. He was the other half of the Bushnell/Dabney team that literally invented the video game industry. Ted and Nolan shared an office at Ampex Engineering before they started Atari and early on in the interview he removes some of the smokescreen about who did what to invent the games and industry we love.

The entire thing goes to prove that history is written by the winners, but the internet has given the “people” a chance to tell the true story in some cases. This seems to be one of those cases. They also discuss the fiery thread from a couple months back when Ted and Nolan both fired volleys back and forth on the invention of Computer Space, and much much more.

(8bitjeff is Jeff D. Fulton)

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