Intellivision Lives DS (2010): Signed And Numbered for $19.99

Honestly, while I played the Intellivision 100’s of times at my friend Eric’ Barth’s house back in 5th and 6th grade, I’ve never owned one.  At the same time, most of the retro collections of Intellivision games have not been implemented properly because it is very hard to replicate the keypad/disc controller on modern hardware.

However, the new version of Intellivision Lives for the DS just might be the perfect implementation.  Since the DS has a touch-pad AND a regular screen, the natural control of Intellivsion games can be replicated, and make them play almost like the real thing (in theory anyway, I have not tried this yet).

Right now, The IntellivisionLives web site is offering this new game in a limited edition (200 copies) that includes:

  • A numbered edition signed by original Intellivision game developer Keith Robinson
  • A “Running Man” Intellivision button
  • A $5.00 coupon for other merchandise from

All this for $19.99!  This is quite deal, especially if retro fans can finally play these games the way they were intended.

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