Adobe Max Flash Game Update: 3D, Controllers & Terry Paton!

We just got out of the Adobe Max 2010 general session.  There was a lot of information about where Adobe is taking Flash.  They showed Google TV working with Air apps, and some really nice looking e-magazines developed with their HTML tools.  However, we are here because of Flash games, and Adobe did not let us down.

The first interesting news was upcoming support for game controllers.  They showed both joystick and steering Wheels support and hinted at support for many other input devices.  They also showed some upcoming, hardware accelerated 3D support for Flash.   It looked really good, but the best thing was that they described it as an update to the Flash Player, not the IDE.  One hopes this means that they will extend the IDE with 3D support instead of making us upgrade once again.

The coolest thing about the session though, was not the news, but the shout-out to Flash game auteur,  Terry Paton made from the stage.   Not only did they show one of Terry’s games, but he got a good mention too.  My quest now:  to find Terry and shake his hand.


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