Adobe Max Day 2: Dave Berzack And Filthy Mouthed Puppets

The Adobe Max day 2 general session was a well produced set of fake TV shows designed to entertain the creative and technical class attending the event.  Most of it went of pretty well, but for me the highlights were:

  • Dave Berzack: Remember Berzack’s video “Killa Appz” that came out a couple months back?  Adobe had him create several more Adobe centered videos to highlight products.  While none of them were as inspired as Killa Appz, it was great to see that Adobe recognized his talent.    Using Flash had an identical look to Killa Appz, while Abobe Air was creepily inspired.  There were a few others as well, but Adobe has not posted them yet.
  • Filthy Mouthed Puppets: (Or Muppets):  Adobe had a segment named “Technology Street” where they used a couple muppet-looking-puppets (not sure is they were actual muppets made by the Jim Henson company) to represent the battle between Flash and HTML5. The first couple segments were pretty funny, but the last one, where HTML5 and Flash break out the f-bombs (bleeped) on each other had the audience rolling.  I hope they get that one online soon too.

Anyway, I was also struck by Adobe’s defensive stance with HTML5.  They claimed to be embracing it, but it was an obvious sense of “bad-will” all over the place, especially when it came to the Canvas. More on that later.

Update: Except at the sneaks they showed this: Flash-to-HTML5 .  We predicted it.

Also, Paton quest continues.  Must find the guy in the red hat…

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