8bitrocket Flash, Indie Game, Retro Interweb In-Box Round-Up

I have been sunk deep into a couple projects over the last couple weeks and during that time I have not had time to post. There are some cool new things going on that I have had the pleasure to take a look at and my inbox has been filled with review requests and other what-not. Here are the ones I liked the best.

From the inbox

Andy Goes To Hollywood’s Diary of a Flash Game – Read the 4 part series on the creation of the hilarious Granny To Hell Flash game.

Grand Foot Escape – This Retro – styled run and dodge  game is notable for it’s monochrome styled goodness and the 8bit re-mixes of the original GTA IV soundtrack.

Last week,  Atari  shipped Atari’s Greatest Hits: Volume 1 – 50 of the most addicting games from Atari’s legendary vault are now available on the must-have Nintendo DS title of the holiday season.  We hope to have a review copy and one to give away in a Flash 8K retro game programming contest ASAP.

Make an Augmented Reality Video with Lindsay Lohan for Ecko’s Cut & Sew line and win $10,000. – I had no idea these things existed until I worked on the Kraft NFL Augmented reality game. Who wouldn’t want to make a  video including a hologram of Lindsay Lohan? You can also win a $3000 video editing rig…pretty nice.

Some Games I’ll Play Again (From Flash Game Distribution)

Greexel (A Pixel Adventure) – Choose to either dodge everything or catch everything in this perfectly crafted retro-styled arcade game.
(88% Retrotastic)

Mr. Bacteria – This  one has some bitchen’ title screen/in-game music. I mean it is really really good.  The game-play a little like Geometry Wars by set inside a human? You have to kill bacteria.  It’s fun.
(80% Retrotastic)

Mad Trucker 2 – I’m a sucker for trucking games. It must be because of all the road trips Steve and I took with our Dad to backwater (and no water) abandoned gold mining camps in the 80’s.   This is a well done overhead 2-d driving simulator, but I find myself wanting to run into the other cars…not a good way to be successful in this game.
(85% Retrotastic)

Galaxy Chimp – A very well done Bloons knock-off.
(83% Retrotastic)

Boat Kissing – OK, I WON”T be playing this again, but you have to check this shit out. What the fuck? I know there is an audience for these and I hope they make money, but again, I ask, WHAT THE FUCK?…that is all.
(No score)

Halloween Chica Dress-up (primary_02_encrypt) – I have a special fascination with the skimpy outfits that girls wear on Halloween. This might be a week late, but I will play it again…
(no score, but it’s great in so many ways…)

Other cool stuff

The final tape-based Sony Walkman was created a couple weeks ago before the line was finally canceled.   I had a couple of these babies back in the 1980’s. They were the iPod of the original “me decade”. I think I sold mine at a garage sale and accidentally left a cassette single with Van Halen’s Jump on one side and “Outta Love Again” on the reverse. (that would be a “cassingle” for the uninitiated).

Game Play Video (The good, the Bad, and the really bad) of 50 Atari Jaguar games.  I have one of these (in the attic now)  and many of the games are great, but many are not. There are some gems in this video, but I have absolutely no idea why it would be on a Blog about cars.  Doom, Fight For Life, Alien v. Predator, Tempest 2000 and Defender 2000 are awesome, while most of the “solid” polygon games look very undercooked.

And Finally…

The Shit My Cats Type Twitter Page

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