Silverlight Apps For The Xbox Live Arcade? They May Come Soon.

Earlier this year we predicted that Microsoft would start to focus Silverlight on their own platforms as it loses ground to HTML5.  Well, this recent story on points to towards that predictions becoming a reality.   Tim Carmody or says:

It feels like a smart move. Xbox 360 is Microsoft’s most successful gaming and entertainment device. It brings content to the biggest screen in the house.

Extending Silverlight extends the range and variety of what that content might look like, and would allow Microsoft to bring products to the market faster. Having that versatility at the very moment when other companies are struggling for a foothold in the living room, and the shape and scope of computing in that space is up for grabs, could be a powerful advantage.

So do we now have another viable RIA web platform that targets a whole subset of screens and devices?  We here at have always thought highly of Silverlight.  Maybe with version 5.0 coming out, the technology’s time (and niche) has finally arrived

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