16 K Contest Update : Voting Starts Next Week

Well the holidays smacked-up hard over here at 8bitrocket.com Towers, but we are preparing for the final voting for the 16K Game contest.  We have decided to wait to start the voting until most pople are back from vacation/holiday on January 4th.  (Note to self: never start a contest near a holiday again!)  Here are the entries again:

16K Contest Entries

Go play them and prepare for the pixelated voting battle to start next week!


Last Review Of Our Book For The Year

I just found this nice little review of our book here at zhione.com .

"The essential guide to flash games written by Jeff Fulton and Steve Fulton is definitely a noteworthy and pleasant Book that sheds light on how to build flash games. Well, building flash games might sound tricky to you at first however; Jeff and Steve have made this Book relatively easy to comprehend."

You can take a look over here: http://www.zhione.com/programming-languages/book-review-the-essential-guide-to-flash-games/


PhotonStorm's Cat Astro Phi an indie game of the week selection at Gamasutra

Cat Astro Phi, by PhotonStorm's Richard Davey, is one of the brilliant games selected this week for the Gamasutra "Best Of Indie Games".

Cat Astro Phi is a masterfully crafted, retro-inspired, maze-based exploration-adventure-shooter that should please any game player, especially those who prefer a little retro in their morning game coffee (or tea).

Cat Astro Phi is also a sponsor of the 8bitrocket 16K Atari Inspired Retro-Remake Contest that is going on right now.


Play the 8bitrocket 16K Atari Retro-Remake Entries

16k Contest

16k Contest

The deadline has passed for entering a game into the 8bitrocket Atari Inspired Retro-Remake contest. We have received a number of high-quality entries.

You can play each at the links below. Voting will start later in the week and run through the end of the year.

Here are the games in alphabetical order:

16K Lander

Axe Quest

BattleWire 16K


The Diabolical Dungeons of Dr. Devil

Fate of the Universe


Must Destroy Your Heart


Thanks to all of our entrants for their hard work. It is truly inspiring. As a reminder, the game that is voted the winner will receive the below prize package. Also, the second place winner will receive a copy of our book, The Essential Guide To Flash Games.  Thanks to all of the below sponsors for helping to put together the prize package.

The winner will be selected based by 1/3 community voting, 1/3 by Jeff Fulton, and 1/3 by Steve Fulton. We will also be posting complete reviews of each game after the contest is complete.  Again, the voting will begin later this week and run through the end of the year.

The winning prize package:

1. Atari' Greatest Hits: Volume 1 for the Nintendo DS

3. The Icarus Kid CD - retro inspired music by the master himself!

3.  A physical copy of our book,  The Essential Guide To Flash Games

4. Clint Herron has graciously offered a license for his Platformer Starter Kit as an additional prize for the contest:

Clint’s product is a full featured development kit for use with the Push-Button Engine. You can see a demo that includes many different examples of the games that can be produced using the kit here: http://hanclinto.com/site/index.php/demo

5. Richard Davey and his wonderful new game, Cat Astro Phi have become an official sponsor of the contest. Richard has graciously added a copy of the masterpiece soundtrack to this game to the prize package.

6. A Snap! Classic Arcades PC game CD collection including: a copy of Atari Warlords for the PC , a copy of Atari Millipede for the PC , a copy of Atari Crystal Castles for the PC , a copy of Atari Combat! (90's remake from Hasbro).

7. The immeasurable prestige and honor of winning the first 8bitrocket.com 16K Retro Game Remake Contest.


16K Heli

16K Atari Inspired Retro-Remake Contest Entry:

Game Name: Heli (Play it)

Game Inspiration: Choplifter (Atari 800) (Atari 7800)

(click screen shot to play)

(click screen shot to play)


16K Must Destroy Your Heart

16K Atari Inspired Retro-Remake Contest Entry:

Game Name: Must Destroy Your Heart (Play it)

Game Inspiration: Berzerk (Atari 2600) (Atari 5200)

(click screen shot to play)

(click screen shot to play)

Author: Ryan Luce
What Ryan has to say about his game:

"Here's my berzerk clone, must destroy... your heart! The swf is right at 16k(whew). I assure you any bug you find is just an undocumented feature. "


16K Niculus

6K Atari Inspired Retro-Remake Contest Entry:

Game Name: Niculus (Play it)

Game Inspiration: Nebulus (Atari ST), Tower Toppler (Atari 7800)

(click screen shot to play)

(click screen shot to play)

Author: David Durham
What David has to say about his game:

""My entry is inspired the Atari ST (and other systems) game Nebulus (aka Tower Toppler/Castelian in some territories apparently) by John M Phillips. This game is really probably the first game I can remember playing and I have always had fond memories of it with my Dad and sister.

I've given my version of the game a Christmas twist and called it 'Niculus' - sort of combining the two words (St.)Nicholas and Nebulus. It doesn't have all the features of the original game and there is only one level, but I thought it was worth submitting what I had in the spirit of taking part."

16K BattleWire16K

16K Atari Inspired Retro-Remake Contest Entry:

Game Name: BattleWire16K (Play It)

Play the upgraded, commercial version at Kongregate.

Game Inspiration: Battlezone (Atari Arcade)

(click scree shot to play)

(click scree shot to play)

Author: TFernando (Nightflyer Games)

What Tony has to say about his game:

"BattleWire16K was inspired by Battlezone and it's descendents. The object of the game is to get the highest score you can, by killing enemy tanks and airplanes. You get three lives.

'Battle' of course, comes from Battlezone, 'Wire' from the wireframe graphics, and 16K from the contest limitation.

I actually chose this game, because I thought it would be easier to pack a wireframe renderer and some models into 16kb, than to embed usable bitmaps and sounds! The chiptune-esq music is generated is generated by a sine function, and the shots and explosions from a random number generator.

I kept a development journal on my blog, which can be viewed here. Most of the blog entries present."



16K Atari Inspired Retro-Remake Contest Entry:

Game Name: DDDD (The Diabolical Dungeons of Dr. Devil) (Play It)

Game Inspiration: Rogue (Mastertonic for Atari 800 / Atari ST)

(click screen shot to play)

(click screen shot to play)

Author: Ace the Super Villain

What Ace has to say about his game:
"I present to you my 3rd entry for the 8bitRocket 16KB Atari Retro Re-make
Contest, The Diabolical Dungeons of Dr. Devil.  It's based on Rogue, which
I hear was available on Atari's 8-bit home computers.  As fair warning,
this game can take several hours to finish, and there is no save feature,
however, you can pause it by pressing Shift."



16K Atari Inspired Retro-Remake Contest Entry:

Game Name: DABOMB (Play it)

Game Inspiration: Kaboom (Activision - Atari 2600)

(click screen shot to play)

(click screen shot to play)

Author: Brad Manderscheid

Brad's words about the game:

Here is my entry.  I'm basing it off of the Activision game, KABOOM.  I'm calling it DA-BOMB.  I chose this game basically because I'm a huge Atari 2600 Activsion fan and this game is a classic.
The game knobs work exactly the same as the original.  The original user manual is attached which includes a handy table on how the points / bomb count work as well as extra lives and down-leveling after explosions.

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