Indie, Web , Flash, Retro Game Development Interweb Mash-up – Dec 5, 2010

16k Contest Update

Atari 16k Contest

Atari 16k Contest

We added a new Sponsor and prize to the 16K game contest.  There are 10 days left to get your 16K game in. We have already received a couple games from Ace The Super Villain, so he is way out in front in both quality and quantity. Also, we are considering adding a retro game prize for those without a Nintendo DS, and also extending the date of the contest entries until December 20th. We will keep you posted on the changes and additions as we make the final decisions.

I also plan to have a demo 16K game made in HTML5 or AS3 up later this week as an inspiration.

Indie Flash Games

The Flash Games Summit is on again in 2011. Steve and I will be part of a panel of judges for the game awards.

Richard Davey and his Photonstorm web site are featured in the latest issue of Computer Arts Projects (issue 144). His awesome games and their portability to mobile platforms is the crux of the article.

Go break some stuff with golf balls in this excellent Gaming Your Way produced corker for Shawn the Sheep.

I don’t have any idea where Ryan finds the time, but his on-going series on programming structures and especially this one on Functions are as hilarious as they are informative. He also has an interesting take on Credits In Flash Games (via Mochiland).

So, I visited MochiLand to play the latest FFF winner, Gil (it’s a retro sweet 90% Retrotastic), and then wandered over to (Gil’s home my new favorite site) and played these other excellent titles:

Games I’ll Play Again ( edition

One Chance – You have one chance to save the world in this depressingly awesome neveau retro classic. (88% Retrotastic)

Asteroid Raid – “River Raid In Space” is the best way to describe this instance classic. (86% Retrotastic).

Super Pixel Knight – This is an excellnt Ghouls n’ Ghosts  / Ghosts n’ Goblins style “run and gun” platformer. (88% Retrotastic)

Games I’ll Play Again (silverlight edition)

Slengo – A very well made and nicely polished “Pengo” tribute. (86% Retrotatsic).

Planetos Crazy Comets– Ok, any game that uses samples from a Speak n. Spell should automatically get 75% to start.  There is also a fun, well made little retro shooter (based on a C64 classic) to go along with the “bitchen” samples (84% Retrotastic).

(please, please, please send us more retro games to review across various technologies and platforms (Flash, Silverlight, Java, HTML5, etc). We don’t have time to seek them all out, but we promise to review as many as we can).


The judge in the Los Angeles X-Box “modding” case has just a couple problems with the prosecution’s handling of the case… I would love to have this judge do something about the FCC net neutrality ruling also.

Looking for Retro Music for your commercial game? I came across Alex Mauer’s site and think his stuff is excellent. Three words…”Spy Hunter Arrangement“!


Wired get’s hammered and drunk-dials pong on its birthday.

Olivia Munn Photo shoot starring a classic Atari Joystick (click now!). You might as well take a look at the Star Wars collection while you are hanging around the site reading the other heavyweight political and social commentary.

The Ultimate Retro Running Race is a fooking classic!

Completely Off Topic:

What could possible rock more than the Interactive Map of Heavy Metal?

(8bitjeff is Jeff D. Fulton)

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