Road Test: Adobe "Wallaby" Flash->HTML5 Converter Preview Version

A couple days ago, Adobe released a preview version of  “Wallaby”, their Flash->HTML5 converter.  It’s been a badly kept secret for the past few months that Adobe was working on something like this, but with the release they have finally come clean on their efforts.

Here is what they says about it:

“Wallaby” is the codename for an experimental technology that converts the artwork and animation contained in Adobe® Flash® Professional (FLA) files into HTML. This allows you to reuse and extend the reach of your content to devices that do not support the Flash runtimes. Once these files are converted to HTML, you can edit them with an HTML editing tool, such asAdobe Dreamweaver®, or by hand if desired. You can view the output in one of the supported browsers or on an iOS device.

You can get the Wallby preview version here:

Both Mac And PC versions are available.

There is a long list of things that are not supported right now.  you can find that list here:

We tested the application, and it appears to work as advertised.   Using the application is very simple.   All you do is locate a .fla to convert to HTML, and select a location to place the converted files.

When Wallby has completed the conversion, you should have a .html file to load and test. We noticed that these work best in Safari and Chrome.  They did not work in Opera or Firefox. This makes sense, as it was designed to work with WebKit.

Here are a couple examples we made very quickly.  The first one simply moves a logo a cross the screen using a classic tween.

Rocket Test Move HTML5

Rocket Test Move SWF

The second one moves the same logo, while it spins, fades and changes size:

Rocket Test Move. Spin, Fade

Rocket Test Move, Spin, Fade  SWF

A couple things we noticed:

1. So far, ActionScript is not supported at all.

2. The output is CSS, JavaScript and SVG.  It does not look like the HTM5 Canvas is leveraged for anything at all (yet).

We look forward to testing newer versions when they are released.  We’ll keep you posted.

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