8bitrocket Daily Briefing : Monday April 25th, 2011

Top Of Mind Jolt

Here some neat new games from MindJolt.com :

Green Archer : Aim and shoot arrows are various objects.  Simple and derivative, but intriguing none-the-less.

Bi-Plane Bomber :  Addicting, easy to control (and wholly unrealistic, but still…) bi-plane dog fight and bombing game.  Nice scrolling, and great action.  You’ve played similar games, but this was pretty good.

Hopi :  Nicely drawn game that you have played many times before.   Jump to pop a a star star/ballon and that pushes you higher.  Get as high as you can before the time runs out.   Nice job.


Random Game-Storm Game Ideas:

Game-Storm is a random game idea generator that we made a few years ago.  I plan to update it for 2011 soon.  However, here are some random game ideas that it generated for me.

A single player ‘bomb it’ style game set ‘in ancient China’ featuring ‘a cave man’ with elements of ‘Dungeon Master’ .

I was just thinking how great a game Dungeon Master was and how much I’d like to play a new version.   Not sure how you would bomb things in ancient China though…

A multi player ‘wash it’ style game set ‘on a lake’ featuring ‘a motor home’ with elements of ‘Mouse-Trap’ . (8bitsteve)

Hmm.  A game where you assemble the elaborate parts of a Rube-Goldberg like car wash to clean dirty motor homes before they fall into the Grand Canyon.  Maybe even that car washing tower-defense game I’ve always wanted to make (8bitsteve)


AS3 Code Hint For today

Use the “is” keyword to determine if an object is a particular class type at run time :

example: (where EnemyShip is a custom class you have created)

<em>if (myObject is EnemyShip) {
</em>    //do some cool stuff hopefully with explosions and junk


PHP Code Hint for today:

$GLOBALS is an associative array that stores a reference to all global scope variables. You can also store data directly into it. For example:



The Chinese Ban Time Travel In Movies

Finally, something I might agree with the Chinese govt. on. Time Travel ruins everything. See the 3rd Harry Potter book/movie for a good example. Of course, Back To The future was pretty darned good though, but still full of holes. Can  anyone think of a good example of Time Travel that holds-up under scrutiny?


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