8bitrocket Daily Briefing – Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Game Picks From Mochi Games

Cactus McCoy : A Western-themed platformer with nice music and neat graphics.

Homerun In Bezerkland :  Hit the geek as far as you can. More than a decade ago played this with penguins.  Because of that, this game probably falls into the “retro Flash game” category.   Production values are a solid A.

Old Podcast We Missed

The Retronauts Live Discuss Arcade Games.

Nook color To Have Android Apps
Barnes And Noble plans to add Android App functionality to the Nook color.  This effectively gets Flash and Air support on the platform and created a cheap alternative to the iPad.

Ars Technica Declares Apple The winner In Adobe/Apple War
Because Adobe will now support HTTP streaming with Adobe Live Server 2011.  Sounds like a thin argument to me, but…

Ready to Play The PS3 on a Tablet?
Wired is reporting that Sony will have two tablets in the fall.  They will come in 9.4 inch and 5.5 inch models and will be “Playstation Certified”.

When is the last time you read Retrogaming Times Monthly?
If your answer is “never” or “not lately” and you have even a passing interest in awesome retro and classic gaming, take a stroll on over. It has a very cool fresh new look and is always packed with cool articles.

A Couple Ideas From GameStorm

A multi player ‘cook it’ style game set ‘in a frozen wasteland’ featuring ‘a worlock’ with elements of ‘Diner Dash’ .

My daughter has been asking me to create a “smoothie” making game for some time. Why not have it star a Worlock?  Set the game in the Arctic, with cute penguins as your customers ordering things like a “herring and apple shake” and other treats.

A multi player ‘rescue it’ style game set ‘on a hiking trail’ featuring ‘a half-elf’ with elements of ‘Pipe Mania’ .

OK, a game like my old Track Mod for Hot Wheels, but set on mountain where you are saving hikers before they fall off a cliff?  That could work.

php SMARTY Template Tip
Pretty much anywhere inside the SMARTY tags {} you can embed $variables to create dynamic templeting.  One use of this would be to embed s style sheet based on a parameter passed in. For example, if you have passed $foo=”version2″ into the template, you can easily append this value to the name of a css file embedded at run-time:

<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”/css/main_{$foo}.css” />

This would link to the /css/main_version2.css style sheet.


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