8bitrocket Daily Inter-Web Mash-up – Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Daily Briefing has been re-named back to the Inter-Web Mash-Up of old. Steve and I have both made it through 6 weeks with the new game development company, and although the hours are long, we are trying to find time for daily updates here on 8bitrocket.com. The focus will be on web-based, retro, and indie games, but we will also cover transitional console and computer games as well as technology, and other stuff we find interesting, useful or cool.

A New Flash Book By Someone We Know And Love

Michael James Williams has just written his own book on Flash and Facebook:

Great job Michael, it looks really good!!!

And Another One By someone Else We Know And Love Too!

Emanuele Feronato!  Looks awesome man!!!

Richard Davey Codes Atari 2600 Breakout In 20 minutes

With Flixel.  Watch him do it here.

What Has Iain Lobb Been Up to Lately?

A lot.

The Corona SDK Adds Nook Color Support

We dabbled in the world of the Corona Lua scripting API for mobile development earlier in the year. It is a very nice tool that allows IOS and various other mobile device  cross-platform development. Now Corona has been chosen as the recommended framework for color Nook development.

Flash Game Distribution Game We Like
Robot Emergence – A very well crafted strategy / builder game based on semi-autonomous robots.

Insect Onslaught – Fun arcade / plaformer where you blast bugs and obtain better and better weapons.

Another one of these movies makes a lot more sense now
The Onion finds the actual screenwriter responsible for the 5th fast and the Furious movie.

Atari Nerd Atari History Summary For April 1983 (28 years ago)

  • 1983 April : SSI Releases Cosmic Balance II For Atari 8-bit Computers
  • 1983 April: SSI Releases Knights Of The Desert For Atari 8-bit Computers
  • 1983 April: Nintendo approaches Atari about licensing Famicom
    • Atari would have rights to sell Famicom (NES) all over the world except Japan.  Nintendo would get a royalty and the rights to produce games for the system
    • Atari’s Ray Kassar is very interested.  Even though GCC is currently working on the 7800, the Famicom could be a great back-up plan.
  • 1983 April 4: Spectravideo first publicizes Mangia for the Atari 2600
  • 1983 April 12: Atari finalizes prototype of 2600 game Gravitar
  • 1983 April 13: 20th Century Fox creates first prototype for unreleased 2600 game Planet Of The Apes
  • 1983 April 15: Amiga first publicizes Power-Stick controller for the Atari 2600
  • 1983 April 19: Atari has first quarterly loss in 7 ½ years
  • Loss of $18.9 million on $869.4 million revenue
  • Competition is blamed
  • 1983 April 20: Mattel Electronics creates only known prototype of  unreleased 2600 game Rocky And Bullwinkle
  • 11983 April 29: Imagic releases Moonsweeper for Atari 2600
  • 1983 April 29: Imagic releases Fathom for Atari 2600
  • 1983 April 29: Imagic releases Solar Storm for Atari 2600


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