8bitrocket Daily Inter-Web Mash-Up – Thursday, April 28, 2011

MochiGames.com Game for Today: RobotSockets

RoboSockets is a new take (to us anyway) on the  classic falling item/connect/clear game play pattern.  The robots have various connectors that need to be lined-up to get clear them  from the screen.  It’s engaging with neat graphics, and fun in short bursts.

Flash AS3 Tip Of The Day : Default Function Values

While you cannot overload a functions in AS3, you can use default parameters to get a similar effect.  You still need to pass the parameters in order, but it at least gets you part of the way there.


function createUser(userName:String, id:int, email:String="",
   phone="", sendEmail:Boolean = false)
    //cool code goes here

HTML5 Canvas Tip Of The Day : Using Canvas Global.alpha

The alpha transparency property on the HTML5 Canvas and needs to be set before each item you draw if you want the transparency value to be different than the item most recently drawn.


context.globalAlpha = 1;
//Draw Background
 context.fillStyle = "#ffffaa";
context.fillRect(0, 0, theCanvas.width, theCanvas.height);

context.globalAlpha = .25;
context.fillStyle = "#000000";
context.font = "40px Arial"
context.fillText  ( "Hello World!", 25  ,50);

context.globalAlpha = 1;
context.strokeStyle = "#000000";
context.strokeRect(5,  5, theCanvas.width-10, theCanvas.height-10);

HTML5 Canvas Rips It Up On The Windows 7 Phone

GSM Arena reports that Canvas apps run pretty fast on the Windows 7 Phone:

The Windows Phone 7 browser goes at a breezy 20fps, the Android Browser manages 11fps or so, while Mobile Safari chugs along at just 2fps.”

Atari Nerd : This Day In Atari History For April 28th

  • 1976 April 28: Atari Inc US trademark’s the Quiz Show coin op
  • 1981 April 28: Atari Inc US trademark the Warlords’s coin op
  • 1992 April 28: Atari Corp files trademark for Atari Falcon 030
  • 1999 April 28: Atari Games publishes arcade game Road Burners
  • 2003 April 28: ign.com Names Atari 2600 Adventure #95 of Top 100 Games Of  All Time


Growing Up In Arcades 1979-1989

Awesome photo gallery.


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