8bitrocket InterWeb Mash-Up For Friday April 29th, 2011

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Hi everyone, I hope you are enjoying our new focus and format as much as we are are enjoying it.  We found it very hard to write lots of in-depth articles because the industry is changing so much at the moment.   We will have more in-depth articles and stories soon, but right now we are trying keep it fresh daily with all sorts of content that we have written, found,  collected, or is sent to us.

Zombies invade the royal wedding!!!
The new game, Class 3 Outbreak, by Binary Space Games, simulates a Zombie outbreak at the royal wedding!  The game uses Google Maps to display real world locations and is integrated with Facebook for socal play.  Plus, it’s got Zombies!

The project is primarily being used as a tool to get people to their unique funding idea. At www.indiegogo.com/Class-3-Outbreak they are taking donations to help fund the final, fully  playable game.

April 27th, 2011. Westminster Abbey, United Kingdom. Binary Space
have just released their spin on the Royal Wedding using their
game, Class 3 Outbreak to simulate a zombie outbreak during the
wedding ceremony.  William and Kate are shown standing outside the
Abbey, surrounded by onlookers, and appear to be unaware of the
oncoming zombie hordes. Undercover agents and body guards are
scattered throughout the crowd, however they are greatly
outnumbered. Visit the Royal Zombie Wedding map now to watch the
zombie outbreak unfold.

The Zombie Royal Wedding was created using Binary Space’s game,
Class 3 Outbreak. Class 3 Outbreak is a zombie survival game that
takes place in real world locations on Google Maps(R), with real
life friends via Facebook(R). This version of the game was created
to promote Binary Space’s funding efforts on IndieGoGo, where they are trying to raise
$50,000 to develop the game. Jay Weston, Game Designer, says,
“Binary Space is an independent games developer, and we would
greatly appreciate any support, please visit the IndieGoGo link
and contribute to the project if you like it.”

More details about Class 3 Outbreak can be found on the Class 3
Outbreak (www.class3outbreak.com)
and Binary Space (www.binaryspacegames.com)

Become a fan and follow C3O’s progress on Facebook (www.facebook.com/class3outbreak).


AS3 Tip Of The Day: Quick And Dirty Bitmap Collision Detection Routine
This works with MovieClips.  Pass in two, if the non-transparent parts of the MovieClips are touching, it will return true.

private function pixelhitTest(o1:MovieClip,o2:MovieClip):Boolean{
	var retval:Boolean =false;

	var bd1:BitmapData = new BitmapData(o1.width,o1.height,
	var bd2:BitmapData = new BitmapData(o2.width,o2.height,




	if (bd1.hitTest(bd1Point,255, bd2, bd2Point)) {
		retval = true;
	return retval;

Atari Nerd This Day In Atari History

  • 1981 April 29: Avalon Hill publishes Conflict 2500 for Atari 8-bit computers
  • 1982 April 29: Atari copyrights Kangaroo coin-op operation, maintenance, and service manual
  • 1983 April 29: Imagic releases Moonsweeper for Atari 2600
  • 1983 April 29: Imagic releases Fathom for Atari 2600
  • 1983 April 29: Imagic releases Solar Storm for Atari 2600
  • 1992 April 29: Atari Corp files trademark for Space Lords
  • 1993 April 29: Atari Games files trademark for Metal Maniax
  • 2003 April 29: ign.com Name arcade version of Battlezone #82 of Top 100 Games Of All Time
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