8bitrocket Daily Interweb Mash-Up – Monday, May 2, 2011

Hulu + WTF?
I eagerly subscribed to Hulu Plus on Saturday because I had missed Friday’s penultimate episode of Fringe while at the Zynga quarterly meeting in San Francisco. The FIOS DVR had only picked up static (happens way more than it should, Verizon) so I jumped on my Xbox 360 and signed up for Hulu Plus so I could see the latest episode in HD.   After looking around at the various show offerings, I didn’t find Finge anywhere. I went to my PC, brought up Hulu.com and found the latest episode easily. Something weird was going on. I went back to the Xbox 360 and searched Hulu Plus for Fringe and found it. I was surprised to find that is was marked “Web Only”. Now, let me get this straight, Hulu Plus, you want me to pay $7.99 per month for a service that is not even as good as the free web version? No thanks, you suck.  Unless this service improves immensely over the next month, I see no real reason to keep subscribing.  If you want people to get excited about your pay  service, please give them something for their money that they can’t get elsewhere, not limit their choices with a selection less comprehensive as the free version of your service.  I can watch the same videos and shows on Netfix on my PC and my Xbox. Let me do this with Hulu Plus and I might consider keeping my subscription.

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