8bitrocket Daily Inter-Web Mash-Up – Star Wars Day – May the 4th, 2011

First off, I had no idea that May the 4th was Stars Wars day because of a bad lisp pun, but hey I’m game. Geekologie has it covered though.

The Mathematics of whether Han shot first (Wired.com)

I hate dress up games, so let’s review some from the latest Flash Game Distribution Feeds
Trendy City Dress Up – This is a pretty comprehensive button-click style dress up game. You start with an array of make up and accessory choices and then move on to the clothes. There is no drag and drop of any kind, just a set of buttons to click for choices that will rotate through the various options. Here is the tarted up city WAG I created:
I gave her a “Zombie” skin tone, but I find those “stripey” stocking pretty very alluring and mysterious. What is she hiding?

Dakota Fanning Celebrity Make Over – I’m not sure what type of IP issues these types of make-over games have. I mean, the image doesn’t look much like Ms. Fanning, but using her name might bring up some legal issues.  I guess the girl does look a little like the starlet, but anyway, this one uses a similar engine as Trendy City. It  eliminates the second screen for full body dress-up but adds some awful music and the ability to sign your name to your creation. With all apologies to  Ms. Fanning, here is my creation in what I guess is casual business attire (the selection is not the greatest):

High School Fashion – This uses the exact same engine as Trendy City, but with different art assets.  Here is the cool chick I created, and I think I might have had a crush on her when I was in high school. Look at the scowl on her face as she watches us nerds. What the F is going on with the dude in the background? Why is he sitting like that?  I think he needs to use the potty.

I can only take so many of these, so here is the last one for today.

Trendy Maid – Hmm, would an actual maid dress up to come over and clean the toilet? I have no idea, but this one seems a little “fantasy” for sure. Maybe it is destined for more “mature” game portals. The engine is the same as the others, but the art style is more cutesy Japanese.

Here is my creation. Surprisingly, there was no way for me to select baggy sweats , an oversize t-shirt, and old tennis shoes.  What would you clean in this outfit?:

Just Plain Kick-Ass
Neat-o-rama’s 23 Facts you might not not know about the Dukes of Hazzard

Just Plain Yawn
The new Wii specs ate a little underwhelming (1 Up reporting)

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