8bitrocket.com Interweb Mash-Up: Tuesday May 10, 2011

What is Obama’s favorite game system? Why did Jeff hate the Fringe Finale, where can you buy our new book, and much more.

Our O’Reilly HTML5 Canvas Book Has Arrived

HTML5 Canvas

Clocking in at at hefty 652 pages, our thinly disguised book on HTML5 Canvas game development has been released. This one focuses on many basic and intermediate topics such as drawing, bitmaps, physics, sound, video, and text before moving on to game applications, devoting a chapter to iPhone development with Phone Gap, and rounding out with discussions and application demos dealing with 3D and using the new Electroserver Javascript API to create a multiplayer experience.



I would have pegged Obama as a 360 fan, but this photo proves he is a Playstation 2 player(wired controller? There must be a budget crisis).

but then I see this, and I can’t figure out which system is his favorite:

Oh, wait:

Flash Game Mini Review
Zombie Knight – You are a zombie, you get to kill zombies. You get kick ass skillz in this very well made 2d beat-em-up.

Old Games News Bites
The greatest swords in video games
South Korea and other countries are trying to stave off gaming addictions
It’s “Jumpman” for $100,000

Jeff discusses why the Fringe Season Finale pissed him off.
I have been a huge Fringe fan from Episode #1, but the 4th season finale Jumped the Shark, and ran over cousin Oliver on its way to crashing into Newhart waking up from his dream. It made no sense what-so-ever. It made the Dollhouse finale look like good television.

The Fringe writers are generally pretty excellent and  I never really have anything but good things to say about the stories, characters arcs, etc. The first 21 episodes of the season were really good and then suddenly they replaced their writers with 4th rate, free blog software published fan-fiction.

Why would Peter disappear? Why would he go 15 years into the future, but somehow be conscious of the all the events between 2011 and 2026? Sending the pieces of the machine back in time was a lame use of the paradox theory pretty much stolen verbatim from Bill and Ted’s Excellent adventure. If Peter is gone, why would there even be a Fringe division in either universe? No Peter means no Ground Zero kidnapping. It’s like we were all given chance to see how the proposed Veronica Mars 4th season FBI story-line would play out…and it sucked.

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