Daily Interweb Mash-up: 5/21/2011: Graphic Adventures, Flash CS5.5, & Hype

Sorry, we missed a couple days there, but we had some special reports.  Let’s get back to the news, shall we?

The Guide To Classic Graphic Adventures

hardcorgaming101.com has a new book that covers nearly every graphic adventure game ever made.   Here is what they say about it:

The Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures is an ode to one of the oldest genres in electronic gaming. It is 772 pages in length, covers over 300 games and includes a number of interviews with classic game developers. It is an expansive tome, jam packed to the brim with history, criticism, and trivia. If you’ve ever asked the question “If I like LucasArts and Sierra games, what other games should I play?”, then this book should be your bible.”

There is also a similar book from Wikipedia on Amazon.com, but this one looks more expansive and comprehensive

Adobe Flash CS5.5

Adobe is offering a “point” upgrade for their application suite for…a price.

Here are some of the more interesting features:

  • Export as bitmap: Vector-based symbols can be exported as bitmaps when publishing a SWF file as a way of reducing CPU demands during playback. This feature is helpful for publishing on mobile devices with less-powerful CPUs. For more information, see Converting between bitmap and vector formats.
  • Convert to bitmap: This feature allows you to create a bitmap in the Library from a symbol instance. The new bitmap can be useful in separate versions of the project for mobile or other lower-performance devices. For more information, see Converting between bitmap and vector formats.
  • AIR for Android support: You can now publish a FLA file as an AIR for Android application. For more information, see Publishing AIR for Android applications.AIR 2.6 SDK The AIR 2.6 SDK is integrated and includes the latest APIs for iOS. These include access to the Microphone, reading from Camera Roll, and CameraUI. Retina display support is also included in the Resolution menu of the AIR for iOS settings dialog box.
  • Debug on-device via USB:You can debug an AIR for iOS or AIR for Android application

You can read the rest here.    The upgrade from CS5 is $119.00, which is OK I guess.  There are some interesting features here, but I’d rather pay for a 6.0 with improved iOS support than just this…

Hype For Hype?

A new HTML5 based animation tool named Hype is now available for the Mac.  It appears to be designed to create HTML5 based web sites using Webkit (no Canvas that we can see) as a replacement for Flash.  Hmm…  It’s not game oriented, but who knows what will happen in future versions.  It’s only $29.99, so taking a chance on it is far less expensive than upgrading to Flash CS5.5…


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