Daily Interweb Mash-up: 5/24/2011: Canvas Game Tutorials, iPad Naval Gazers, Apple Heroics

New HTML5 Canvas Game Tutorials Coming

Jeff and I have each been working on an HTML5 Canvas game to talk about here.  Mine is called “Brickbasher Infinity” (a progressive Breakout game), and Jeff’s is “Bug Off!” (a Centipede style shooter).  The games are 8-bit styled with pixels, particles, etc.  We wouldn’t have it any other way, would we? The first entries for each should appear this week.

This guy Thinks It’s Good that the iPad/iPhone Has No Flash

Never in the history of computing can I think of time when more navel gazers have had so many positive things to to say about a product line with broken and missing functionality. I like my iPhone, I thinking about an iPad too, but damn, I’m not going to justify missing stuff just so I feel good about it.   This is like 90’s video game platform spec arguments (i.e.  “the SNES might not have 3D but it has Mode-7 which is way better dude!“) but for I.T. nerds who pretend to understand the mind of Steve Jobs. (link)

Apple Looks Like A Hero When It comes To Patent Hawks

Apple did something very cool this week.  They have asked patent hawks Loadsys to “cease and desist” trying to sue iOS developers who use in-app payments.  Apparently somewhere along the line Loadsys scooped up a patent on payments inside applications and have been going after iPhone devs with it.   This was a very cool move by Apple to try to both defend their platform, and help their devs at the same time.  Bravo.

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