Windows 8 Will Make Heavy Use of HTML5

The All Things D web site has put up an exclusive look at Windows 8, an operating system that is at least a year away from being released.

Essentially, aside from the normal Windows’ 7 style applications we see now, a second, full-screen IE 10 style of application will make full use of Javascript and HTML5. This is an interesting development especially given how disappointed we have been in overall lack of standardization between browser versions on some HTML5 features (loading, sound, video, etc). This can go one of two ways. Microsoft *could* help create a rock-solid standard that every other browser developer will have to follow because it so comprehensive and breaks new ground from them in the areas of W3c standard adoptions and GPU integration…or we could have Windows 98 Active Desktop and a new version of a proprietary Visual Basic style browser-side scripting (but using a bastardization of Javascript called J-Script++ or J#, or Silver-J, or Active J Pages, of .jnet…)

The article is very interesting, give it a read.

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