AppMobi Cloud-Based HTML5 Game Development Looks Promising

I have heard a little about AppMobi over the past few months and have wanted to take a look at their game platform but just have not had the chance until now. I plan to demo my Centipede game with the platform when it is complete, but for now, let’s take a little look at what they offer a mobile game developer.

They offer a “cloud-based” development environment for mobile HTML5 games and apps. You develop your game using HTML5/Javascript/CSS3 on their cloud and then build it for the particular device that you want to target. You can build for the web and for the native app stores for the  various devices.

Now let’s get to the best part. They are now claiming that their DirectCanvas technology can increase performance 500%. They have a Youtube video that demonstrates this.

We will be visiting the AppMobi site at E3 this week to provide full details on this and their new partnership with TapJs to provide social networking into mobile games.

Pricing: The system is NOT free, but you can use the free tools to develop and distribute app stores games at virtually no cost.  You pay to use their Cloud-Based Services . These include: In app payments, analytics, live app updates, and push messaging.

It all looks very promising and we plan to report on and develop with this technology a lot in the next few months.

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