8bitrocket's Asynchronous News Round-Up : Mochi Achievements, Pepsi+Atari, Mindjolt News

Welcome to our “Asynchronous” news round-up.  It’s the Daily Interweb Mash-Up, but not daily, and also not really a mash-up, and, well, who knows what it is, but welcome to it.

Mochi Achievements API Launched

Something we’ve been waiting for a long time, a  distributed “achievements” API.  Here are the directly from Colin Cupp from Mochi Media:

Just like Mochi Media’s other tools and services, Mochi Achievements work anywhere the game goes across the internet with the achievements information being stored in a local Flash cookie. Flash game publishers can also collect site-specific data for their players’ achievements (for players logged in to the Mochi network) using the same Mochi Media Bridge API technology that provides them with their own site specific high scores!

Some key features:

  • No branding/links in Mochi Achievements UI
  • Fully customizable
  • Flexibilty- 2 toaster sizes and 9 placement options

This blog post explains the features in more detail. Please feel free to contact me (Colin: colin@mochimedia.com) directly if you have any questions about this exciting new product for Flash game developers and publishers.

Pepsi Throwback Atari Arcade: Win A Flashback 2 or an iCade!!

Pepsi has a new promotion celebrating classic Atari!   Here is their press release:

Pepsi Throwback and Atari are teaming up to launch the Pepsi Throwback Atari Arcade onPepsi Throwback’s Facebook page. From June 17th through the end of the year, fans will be able to play a different classic Atari game each month and each week’s highest scorer will win an Atari Flashback 2+ gaming console.  On top of this, fans can enter to win an iCade and iPad loaded with Atari’s Greatest Hits just for stopping by the tab.  We’re kicking it off with the all-time favorite Asteroids game.

As well, here is a neat story from Gizmodo about the promotion .

MindJolt News Update!

Mindjolt.com has relaunched and they are really trying to court developers.  First off, they have a new blog designed to highlight great new games.  You can see it here:


Also, Minjolt are now offering licensing  deals instead of rev share.  Here is what they say:

We have recently received a lot of feedback from you, our amazing developers, about how you’d like to work with us. With this in mind, we want to offer you an alternative to the current rev share system. If you’d prefer, you can license us your games instead. If you choose to license your games to us (and the game is approved), we will pay you a 1-time, upfront fee for the game. While there is no rev share involved in a licensed deal, you are guaranteed payment for the game, regardless of the game’s performance on MindJolt.

For more information, or to submit a game to MindJolt for licensing, please email developer@mindjolt.com.





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