Microsoft Hot On HTML5+Canvas For Windows 8, Freezes Out Flash

Apparently, Microsoft has decided that their “Metro” Presentation layer (included in Windows 8 for PC and designed for tablets and smart phones) will not allow any kind of plug-ins to run (read: Flash).  Instead, “Metro” has been optimized for HTML5 and JavaScript.  This means that, for all intents and purposes, to make bit-mapped games in Metro, you will use the HTML5 Canvas.  Obviously, you can also use CSS 3,0, and other HTML features, but to us, the Canvas is the juiciest and best part, and it looks like Microsoft agrees. In the past couple days We’ve had two separate Microsoft employees privately confirm this for us, one in tech sales and one in development.

What does this mean for Adobe?  Well, the regular Windows 8 OS will run Flash in the web browser, so for the time being, it means nothing.  However, if/when Metro-based tablets get popular (and cheap), we will probably see a huge move towards Metro being the OS of choice for “light” computing.  This means there is an opening for Adobe to create a Flash-like tool for the HTML5 Canvas.  As for Flash, it’s still a great tool and will always be one, but it’s days of complete dominance may be coming to an end.


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