Our Favorite Viral Videos About The Games And Web Business

Code Monkey

Jonathan Coulton’s classic song about the life of a software developer.  One of the all-time best songs ever written.


Angry Video Game Nerd : Atari 5200

So this is not just a video, but a whole series.  The AVGN is now an institution, but he started as just a regular insane video game collector with a dream.  His Atari 5200 video is my favorite, but he has videos for all sorts of classic games and console.

Other great AVGN videos: [ET][Jaguar and  Jaguar 2][Power Glove]


So You Want To Work In The Video Game Industry?

This video is filled with so much humor and truth it’s sad.  Very sad.


Leeroy Jenkins

An absolute classic.  The platform from which a million other internet jokes and memes were created.


I.T. Cat Herders

This is a very well produced internal agency video that pretty much shows how the I.T. department feels about it’s customers.  I think it says more about the mind-set of I.T. than the people they serve.


Plimpton Intellivision Sports

Want to see the moment Atari got pwned in the public eye and the destruction of the video game industry in the golden age started.  It’s all in this commercial from 1981.


Mad Avenue Blues

Not really about games, but more about in-game and web advertising.  The content in this video is the reason Micro Transaction are such a “hot” monetization strategy right now.


The Beard Engine

Twisted Pixel’s promo for their game engine may be the funniest splash screen ever created.


Vendor Client Relationship In The Real World

This is for anyone out there who makes living from consulting.


Once Upon Atari

Howard Scott Warshaw’s video series about working for Atari.  Probably the best historical video about video games because it’s (partly) autobiographical.

Other Episodes [2][3][4 & 5][6 & 7][8 & 9][10 & 11][12 & 13][14 & 15 & 16 & 17][18 & 19][20 & 21][22]


Hitler Reacts To The iPad

This may be a little old now, but it still makes all the right points about the iPad.  It only misses the fact that, while all of these problems still exist, the iPad is still extremely popular.


Killa Appz

Dave Berzack’s classic video resume for prospective clients.   Adobe tapped him for a few more videos, but this one is still the best.



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