Wow! Just freaking wow!

My current two gigs are both HTML5 gigs, so that book we wrote is getting a lot of use. One of the apps is first-person game that is basically a simple shooter with some animation and sound. While a game like that will run at 40FPS in most desktop browsers, the  mobile browsers will run at half that rate if you are lucky.

For example, on an iPhone 4 I got about 15-20 FPS, on a Vizio Google Pad I got about the same and on an iPad 2 Igot about 22 FPS…until freaking today!!!!

I updated the iPad2 to versio 5.0 and now the game runs at full freaking speed. In fact, there is virtually no difference (aside from gesture coding) between the way the app runs on a desktop and how it runs on on iPad 2.  I had Steve test it on his iPhone 4 with iOS 5 and he is seeing the same type of full performance.  AWESOME!!!

This is AMAZING. The Performance is even better than the Flash Cs5.5 to Air app performance.

I can’t wait to test out a PhoneGap app with this. It might even be better performance than Corona.

It looks like everyone else is going to have to catch up to Apple here, as being able to utilize the GPU for the Canvas makes it a Flash killer for sure!!!  (although I love Flash and don’t want it to go away any time soon).  What we need is a Flash-like app that we can use to create HTML5 Canvas apps…Adobe?



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