HTML5 Canvas Game: Tic Tac Pro Quack The Glass – Goes Gold

8bitrocket in conjunction with Producto Studios and in association with is proud to announce the launch of our HTML5 Canvas only game targeted to work on ANY HTML5 browser platform (mobile or desktop).

8bitrocket and Producto Studios did all of the game programming in HTML5 and  provided the game and asset design.

The game can be accessed by giving a $5 donation to a worthy cause (see web site for details).

Here are screen shots of the game. It was completed entirely in Flash first, then the assets were exported and code re-designed from AS3 to Javascript and the Canvas. There are some browers compatibility problems (especially with sound), but overall it was a very successful engineering effort.


Quack The Glass Title Page- HTML5 Canvas Text is tricky, so I left 3 lines for them to fill in as needed


Touch (finger) and browser (mouse) movement is slightly different, so they need to be both need to be handled properly.

It wouldn't be an 8bitrocket or Producto game production if we didn't find some place to add in particles effects to replace the delivered canned animations of feathers and glass breaking.


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