336 Days Left : The Next Sign Of The Apocalypse : Microsoft Adds Achievements For Coding Into Visual Studio

The current Mayan Countdown has us at 336 days left until the end of the world, so we here at 8bitrocket.com have decided to spend some time looking for stories that we think show that something weird is going on this year.

The next Sign Of Doomsday: Microsoft Adds Achievements For Coding Into Visual Studio

Here is what they say:

A software engineer’s glory so often goes unnoticed. Attention seems to come either when there are bugs or when the final project ships. But rarely is a developer appreciated for all the nuances and subtleties of a piece of code–and all the heroics it took to write it.  With Visual Studio Achievements Beta, your talents are recognized as you perform various coding feats, unlock achievements and earn badges.

Really?  For software development?  Maybe that’s cool, but first, can they add badges to Outlook to award managers for not ignoring emails, or achievements to Project for PMs who don’t under-estimate the time it will take to complete a software effort?

I can’t decide if this is really cool, or just a way turn what I do for a living into social game where one day I will be working for Facebook credits.   If so then…

Is the Quickening, er Doomsday er Armageddon coming this year?   Is it just the Winter Solstice?* Is this another sign of the end times?  Did Ancient Aliens dictate the end of the world to people on Yucatán Peninsula 100′s of years ago or did some old Mayan guy just run out of space when trying  to mark upcoming birthdays on his stone calendar? Only 349 more days until we get the answer. What else will happen in the coming months?

Tune in to find out.


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