Star Wars Uncut The Director's Cut Released : Another Sign Of The Apocalypse?

The current Mayan Countdown has us at 331 days left until the end of the world, so we here at have decided to spend some time looking for stories that we think show that something weird is going on this year.

The next Sign Of Doomsday: Star Wars Uncut : The Directors Cut Released

The  movie (embedded at the end of the post) was created by fans around the world, each taking 15 seconds of the original Star Wars film, and recreating it any way they saw fit, and then uploading to  the fine people at Star Wars Uncut who put it all back together.  The process took 3 years, and it was worth the wait for many reasons.

I heard about this project a couple years ago, and I planned (for about 15 minutes until I was distracted and forgot about it) to add my own scene.  At the time I felt it was a cool little project, and nothing more.  However, after I viewed it today, I believe it is another sign of the apocalypse.


Well, for one simple reason: it is the culmination of everything the internet was created for, and everything the internet will ever be.  It is the best thing ever created on the internet, and, the best thing that will ever be created on the internet. We have reached the boiling point off fandom, the crossroads of crowd sourcing, the winking final nail in the coffin of intellectual property.   The quickening has gotten as quick as the speed of light.

This project is remarkable in that it weaves together the Star Wars daydreams of 1000’s of fans.  The style changes every few seconds, giving it the sense of patchwork quilt, sewn together electronically across the entire globe.   Some of the footage looks professional (and it’s the most mundane of the bunch), but most of it is inspirational or aspirational in nature, making the film more like a impressionistic painting of Star Wars than a mere fan film.

The best parts are the ones that display the “feeling” of Star Wars, and what it means to fans.  My personal favorite scene is of Luke arriving home from destroying the Death Star.  This clip  is of a dad, driving home, getting out of his car, and being greeted by his wife and daughter. That’s it.  It’s wonderfully simple.     I’ve felt that same feeling 100’s of times.  Zooming in from work at the end of the day, and wanting to be thought of as an every day hero.  Star Wars Uncut plays with your imagination in that way.  You have felt these feelings, you have played Star Wars like this, and you have imagined Star Wars this way.

For many years, from about 1977 through 1983, nearly every video game I played was a proxy for playing Star Wars.  Star Wars was such a monumental event in my life as a kid, that it colored everything else.  Video games were a way I could get the feeling of Star Wars without actually seeing the movie (because there were very few other was to experience it…no video tapes or DVDs yet.).   Star Wars Uncut reminds me of those days ,when Star Wars lived in my imagination because that was the only place I could see it.

Star Wars Uncut represents the very soul of what Star Wars fans loved in the first place. In that way this movie is not just Star Wars as interpreted by a bunch of film majors, it is Star Wars as it lives deep in hearts of loving fans every where.   So why would this be a sign of the apocalypse?  Because the internet  itself was just bested by a project created and made possible by the internet.  The fabric of the universe  may have just been torn wide open,  and if so,  it will  never be the same…

Is the Quickening, er Doomsday er Armageddon coming this year?   Is it just the Winter Solstice?* Is this another sign of the end times?  Did Ancient Aliens dictate the end of the world to people on Yucatán Peninsula 100′s of years ago or did some old Mayan guy just run out of space when trying  to mark upcoming birthdays on his stone calendar? The is less than one year left until we get the answer. What else will happen in the coming months?

Tune in to find out.


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