Ace’s (The Super Villain) InterWeb Mash-up Special Edition

I have been meaning to start these up again and cover the world of games, retro, etc, but time has not been on my side. Ace SV is filling the gap though and sent this over today.

Dragon Age – but in Flash with hexagons. If you’ve played or seen the original, the likeness is astonishing.

Anaksha, Mini Adventures 2 – A fun little adventure game with Final Fantasy 1-6 esque graphics. There are drug lords and seedy bars and whatnot, so the maker was kind enough to put a warning on it, but it’s not that bad, and certainly not the worst the internet can offer.
Masters of the Universe LEGENDS – I was researching He-Man and found a collection of models that are “remakes” of the classic He-Man cast made by mixing and matching parts from various other models. You would hardly guess it to look at them:

(Prince Adam is trapped in Skeletor’s laser-bar prison. Man-at-Arms and Orko come to the rescue.)
Man-at-Arms: “Here Adam, take your magic sword and transform!”
(Tosses the sword, but it falls short of Adam’s grasp)
Adam: “I’m chained down … I can’t reach!”
Orko: “I’m small enough to fit, Adam. I’ll get it for you.”
Man-at-Arms: “No, Orko! If you touch the laser bars, you’ll be disintegrated!”
Orko: “Hey, I’m the one who got us into this mess, and I’ll be the one to get us out!”
(Orko skillfully passes the laserbars and hands Adam the sword)
Adam: “Thanks, Orko. You really came through.”
And Hulu ran a commercial to announce that they now have Lost in Space. They also have lots and lots of He-man (which is what I was watching) but not Galtar and the Golden Lance, which is disappointing.
Thanks Ace. You can look forward to more of these from us and Ace (if he is so inclined) in the future.
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