Ace’s (The Super Villain) InterWeb Mash-up Special Edition #2

ASV Interwebs, Go! (I’m already starting to see why you stopped doing this every week)
Abobo – – A gargantuan NES tribute parody with classic NewGroundsian sarcasm, hyperbole and violence. Abobo is supposedly an NES character who was never allowed to exist because he was too violent and ridiculous. His son, Aboboy, gets kidnapped so Abobo must fight through every NES classic to save him. I meant to tell you about this earlier, but I forgot.
I went to visit Rogue Basin to see if Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup 0.10 was released yet. It has, and I found some other things.
“7D…L… what?”
” *ughhhhh* …fine.”
7DRL stands for “Seven Day Rogue-Like”. Rogue was a revolutionary adventure game that used ASCII symbols as visual tiles and the predecessor of modern RPGs, from Dragon Age to Pokemon. “Seven Days” means that these particular titles were constructed in only 7 days. The basis of this tradition being that sure, anyone can build a rogue-like, but only a mentally-retarded genius can do it in 7 days.
I haven’t actually tried any of the entries yet, so I’ll tell you next week if any of them are good.
Although Stone Soup 0.10 introduces an excited new race of sentient cephalopods called Octopodes, (probably to complement 0.9’s addition of sentient cats), they have done away with Mountain Dwarfs. Although the Mountain Dwarfs are survived by their asinine cousins, the Deep Dwarves, (DC:SS’s only race that can’t recover health naturally), it is truly a blow to dwarf-lovers everywhere. There are also game-play related reasons for keeping or kicking them, which you can read here:
In other Rogue-Like news, someone has invented “Necklace of the Eye” or “NotEye”, a front-end that turns ASCII interface Rogue-Likes into graphical tiles. It can also produce those old First Person Perspective dungeons, if you like those (I hate them). I’d love to see if this would work with AnimeAngband, but I’m a little skeptical because sometimes RL related equipment are designed by people who use Linux as a contraceptive and require an advanced programming degree to work, but nonetheless, I’ll give it a shot soon and let you know.
In the exciting world of Bronies

In the exciting world of Bronies

Jeff posted some of these long ago I think, but i’ve been exploring YouTube’s vast array of 8-bit heavy metal song remixes:
Master of Puppets – (Alloy Tengu version:  )  – (Editor’s note – both kick ass)
Aces High –  (obviously, my favorite)
Also non-metal songs:
Final Countdown – (editor’s note…awesome, and should be used in the Arrested Development new season)
Ballroom Blitz (Editors’s note: Sweet shit…see what I did there?)
Thanks again to ace for doing this. Its is more work than it looks like!
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