The Run Cycle – Running Sick After Christmas

The Literal Run Cycle – Running Sick After Christmas

The Run Cycle

The Run Cycle

The Day After Christmas Run is never an easy one. This year it was especially difficult because I have been battling a nasty sinus infection over the last week or so and I have not run for 10 days (and only 2 times in 4 months before that).  I have not been completely idle over those 10 days, having done a few difficult classes at the gym, but I have not run during that time. NOTHING has the same effect on my body than a run does.

So, today I took my tired, infection and Christmas treat weakened body to the local track just to get the legs moving for a few miles and to hopefully burn off some of the avalanche of tasty, but  terrible for me,  food I have been ingesting over the last week. Overall it was a success.  I did 5 miles, running (jogging really) 90% of the distance and stopped in the middle to do a few burpees, v-ups,  and pull-ups.  I can’t say it was absolutely the easiest workout I have ever done, but the 5 months ago version of me would have considered in barley a workout at all.

My foot is still recovering from surgery, but I didn’t have any pain from the running or the burpees.  Afterward it swelled up a bit and the incision/infection point was a little sore, but all in all, it seems to feel 80-90% healed, even if it doesn’t look it.

12-26-12 Run Foot

12-26-12 Run Foot

Again, I ran in my Saucony Kinvara 3’s. They are my favorite shoe at the moment, and they are stuffed with an extra thick custom insole from Road Runner.  My feet feel fine, and I  don’t have any pain in the bottom of either foot, so, I win! Bonus =).

My sickness – I have been battling a nasty upper-respiratory infection that took me out of commission for a couple days completely, but even though it has not subsided completely I figured I would test out my lung fitness a little.  I did not have any ill effects from the run, but I did take an inhaler along that I used one time during the run. The wind was out in force today, and so my allergies were kicked up in full swing.   Even with all of that against me, it seems like the actual run was a success and I didn’t make myself any worse than I was, in fact, it might have actually helped me as now, 3 hours later,I feel better than I did before I started and might even be able to make it to the double circuit / spin 2 hour class that I sometimes go to on Thursday mornings.

That’s not to say that I fetl 100%.  Here is a picture of the old tired version of me from right after I finished the run, just then realizing tat I left my mixed bottle of Recoverite at home and would have to wait another 10 minutes before I could get my paws on it.

12-26-12 Run Tired

12-26-12 Run Tired

So, what does this have to do with gaming or 8bitrocket, Producto, Atari, development, etc?I don’t have any pithy juxtapositions on running through code bugs and running through sickness (although, now that I mention it, that would be an interesting one for next time).

I have not been working since Friday, but there is some news to report on that front.    First, Steve and I finished all of the first draft chapter revisions for the second edition of our HTML5 Canvas book.  Second, I received an iCade (Thanks, Jeanne!) for Christmas, so I can play all of the Atari, Vectrex, Activision, and Namco classic games I want (and can afford) with arcade-like controls using the iPad.  Third, I started Business is Fun, the Atari history book (like a “Peoples History of Atari”) by Marty Goldberg and Curt Vendel.  A full review will show up here some time soon.

Happy coding and running to you all. (or what ever you do that makes you both angry and happy at the same time).

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