Linkstorm: Jan. 9, 2017 : New/Improved Retro Gaming News Update Now With C.E.S.!


  • CES 2017 took place last week/weekend.  Not a lot there any more for retro gamers.  Certainly not if you recall the CES conventions of old, when all the video game manufacturers would display their wares.   Mistly it was AR/VR innovations, drones, etc. However, we did see a couple, new products that might be of interest to retro game fans.   They are mixxed-in below.
  • Mike Kennedy is back with another crowd-funding effort, this time on Patreon for Retro Magazine.  If you want to read more from that magazine, head on over and subscribe.  The 12th issue of “Retro” is out now.   Named “Pixel Pioneers”, It’s a retrospective of interviews of classic gaming personalities.  Unfortunately there is no mention of whom is interviewed on the web site.  We plan to buy a digital copy and have a review up soon.
  • Hackers Have Successfully Added Game to the NES Classic: (TechCrunch)

DIY/Maker Gaming 

  • LEGO Boost:  LEGO was showing a new product at CES this year named “Boost“.  It appears to be a simpler version of Mindstorms (more like Littlbits) that uses a much simpler coding language, and works with regular LEGO bricks.   I can see LEGO printing money with this line.
  • Gamemaker 2 Betajam Winners Announced

Retro Products

  • Retro-Bit Generations Portable

    Retro-Bit was showing a portable version of their recent “RetroBit Generations” Classic games console at CES.   The portable is scheduled for release in 2017 and appeared to include an SD Card slot for “game saves”.  Hmm.


  • Atari XL/XE Ant Eater Reviewed on Hey Poor Player


  • At CES we visited the new Level-Up “Barcade” at the MGM Grand. It’s an expensive, cynical attempt to cash-in  on a new trend.  It has a tiny, terrible game selection, no readily available change machines, and it gave us an overall “icky” feeling.  Definitely not for kids or families, and adults might want to skip-it too.   If you are in Vegas, The Pinball Hall Of Fame Museum is still your best bet to play vintage games.

Digital Store Highlights

Podcast/Youtube Highlights

  • Antic The Atari Podcast interviews Dan Corona, Atari Engineering Manager
  • Antic The Atari Podcast interviews Steve Ahlstrom, from Synapse Software and Paperclip fame.
  • Pat The NES Punk give you his thoughts on the Retro Magazine Patreon.
  • RTG 85 : Super Retro Boy


(Note: This news update does not contain ALL the retro gaming news in the world, but it does contain the stuff we here at care the most about: A lot of Atari, plus Sega, Nintendo, 80’s and 90’s PC games, PS1/PS2, DIY/maker gaming, new classic consoles, podcasts we love,  and almost anything else from the 80’s . If you have news you’d like to clue us into, please contact us)

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