Viva Amiga: The Story Of A Beautiful Machine Documentary Now Available

Amiga users make Macintosh users look like IBM users
-Viva Amiga Trailer

After a successful Kickstarter campaign,  the documentary “Viva Amiga” was released last week and it looks amazing (see trailer below). We will have our review after we had watched the movie and had time to digest the whole thing.

As we here at were blind Atari followers in the 80’s  and the Amiga was the “hated” arch-rival to our beloved Atari ST during the 16-bit home-computer wars era, maybe we will bring a different perspective than that of a slathering fan-boy.  We shall see.  We’ve grown to respect the Amiga in the ensuing 30 years, so we might be right-there with ’em.

The trailer and links to buy/rent the movie are below.

Get it here :

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  • So, I don’t know, stuff like this doesn’t excite me much. I’m more interested to learn what’s happening than what happened.

    NewGrounds has a bunch of pixel art games on the front page:

    I’m betting Stencyl is responsible for a lot of this.

    And pixel day is going to be on Jan 21 this year apparently:
    Shoot, thought I had more time…

  • Steve Fulton

    I like both. The Amiga was a cool machine in it’s day, but they made mistakes with. You can’t learn from history if you don’t know it.

    Those games are cool. Tiny Heist reminds me of Shamus for the Atari 800. Interesting that it’s done in Flash.

  • A valid point for sure. I guess I feel like it’s difficult to apply hardware history to the modern gaming world, or at least the little slice of it I find myself in. I’m sure some of the business decisions are similar to what we might face now, but I don’t know, it feels really far away.

  • Tiny Heist is more like Rogue, isn’t it? Especially with the @ character and turn-based movement. Similarities I see, but Shamus looks more action shootery. Actually Shamus looks like a more fun version of Gauntlet.