Linkstorm!: 8bitrocket’s Retro Gaming News (Updated!)

Atari Box Art Finally Being Recognized

Atari VCS box-art is very close to our hearts here at   The recent book, Art Of Atari made it even more-so (see review on this site soon).  Now The Onion AV club has a new column named Art Of the Game by Nick Wanserski dedicated to such topics, and his latest contribution is  “How fantastical Atari box art taught the world what makes video games special

Analog Pong Coffee Table Indiegogo

This Analog Pong coffee table might be the coolest game room addition ever.  It’s struggling to make the $250K requested, so if you are interested, pop-by and support it!

Atari VCS Swordquest Returns In Comic Book Adventure

This is  an interesting idea: a comic book that tells a modern day retro-game tale about an aging Atari fan..   Endgadget says this:

“The upcoming comic series uses this real-world tale as its inspiration, telling the story of Swordquest super-fan Peter Case. With the last game in the series never seeing the light of day, it crushed the comic’s protagonist, but after having to move back in with his mother, Peter rediscovers all his old Atari stuff – but with a fantastical twist.”

Break Free Cartridge Now available  For The TI-99/4A is reporting a new cartridge-based game for the Ti-99/4A named Break Free.  The game is available from for $40, and looks like magnificent take on the Breakout/Arkanoid genre.

NES Oddities On Kickstarter

Jeffrey Wittenhagen second book covering  Nintendo games, NES Oddities, is now up on Kickstarter.   Here is what he says about it:

NES Oddities & the Homebrew Revolution: Games You Haven’t Played is my second book covering games from the Nintendo Entertainment System (my seventh book overall!) and the followup to The Complete NES: Officially Licensed US Releases which was successfully funded in 2015 on Kickstarter. My original NES book only covered licensed games, and I felt a lot of fans were missing out on some great essential-to-play 8-bit Nintendo games. Never content with just doing what everyone else is doing, I have to go as deep down the rabbit hole as I can, instead of just doing a simple followup release!”

You can check it out here:

Raspberry Pi Zero Gets Wi-Fi and Bluetooth!

Make Magazine is reporting that the Raspberry Pi Zero W V1.1. will add Wi-Fi abd Bluetooth capability to the already amazing prototyping board, all for $10.   I can imagine this is going to further take the Pi into the realm of retro games, remakes, demakes, micro-consoles,  and everything in-between.  Happy Maker-Gaming!




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