Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! Play our old Flash Game Mission Leprechaun

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!! In honor of this day (and my Scotch Irish roots) plus the demise of Mochi (where this game was initially published), I present to everyone who is NOT on mobile, a game I created… Read More

Goodbye and Thanks Mochi Media

On March 14th Mochiland, the blog that has been the mouthpiece for Machi Media since 2006, announced that the array of Mochi Media services for Flash game developers will go offline on March 31st.  Josh Larson wrote a logn… Read More

Outpost 2 is quite simply the best free web game ever created!

By Jeff Fulton (8bitjeff) A couple old buddies of mine from the UK and Germany have created what I consider to be quite simply the best free Web game ever created. It’s a retro-style top-down shooter / adventure… Read More

Xbox 360 Internet Explorer Plays HTML5 Games…But Not Flash

This morning I work up early to download the new Xbox Live update that includes Internet Explorer.  My goal was to try out some of our HTML5 Canvas game experiments to see is they work on the new… Read More

Ace The Super Villain Comes Out Strong With “FireArm”

Another day, and another encouraging sign of things getting back on track. Ace The Super Villain , One of our best and longest running readers has just finished a new game named “FireArm”, an impressive beat-em-up style game in… Read More

Rush Hour Plus! Yes, Good Flash Shooters On The Web Are Still Being Produced!

We were just sent a link to this from our friends over at Sokay.net (Chris Rock and Bryson Whiteman)!   Rush Hour Plus is a classic, pixelated shooter with power-ups and insane blasting action.   The game made me… Read More

Simply Brilliant: Dulldudegames

One of our super-brilliant readers, “AndyGoesToHollywood”, sent over link to Dulldudegames because he wanted us to take a look at Iain Lobb’s simply brilliant game design tool. I am very impressed, especially with the platformer widget. I don’t… Read More

Games I'll Play Again: Retro-styled Flash Game Micro Reviews

Again I find myself with a few minutes between asset delivery and code re-writes and instead of doing something practical like working on Solar Fortress or Lunch Battle (or any of the 100 other games I have started… Read More

More Games I Might Play Again (Flash Game Micro Reviews)

Ahh, here I am, its a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Southern California, and I am in doors, playing YOUR games. God I hope they are good this time… Hikouki Tomodachi (FGD) (82% Retrotastic) – A very fun, and… Read More

Games I’ll Play Again #3 – Flash Game Distribution and Mochi Reviews

I find it easier to get into my day if I play a few games first.  Digging through the Mochi Latest and Flash Game Distribution feed, here are some games that were good or bad enough for me… Read More

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