Get 100 Atari Classics for the iPhone / iPad for $14.99 USD

The incredibly generous Atari's Greatest Hits for iOS was released yesterday to the iTunes store. You can have 100 Atari classics for $14.99 or you can purchase various game packs such as the Asteroids pack, Warlords pack, or one of the many others for as little at $1.29.

Many of the included games work with Bluetooth multiplayer. For example, Canyon Bomber, Air Sea Battle, Space Duel, Tempest, Street Racer, Flag capture, all of the real Sports titles and many more allow you to play with a friend in the same room.  The 2600 cart version is also available for most of the arcade games. Also, some of the included games were never released on an original physical cart (Tempest 2600 with Bluetooth multiplayer anyone?)

18 of the titles are original arcade games and 82 are 2600 classics (and some not so). Pong is included free when you download the free demo app in the store.

(8bitjeff is Jeff D. Fulton)


Gamasutra Warns Of The Coming "Gamepocalypse"

Over at Gamasutra they have a greta new article by Tadhg Kelly named What Games Are: The Mac App Store And The PC Gamepocalypse.

The pie ce crystalizes some thoughts that have been bandied about in 8bitrocket.com towers for the past few weeks: The App Paradigm Shift.  Tadhg says that he believes the natural price for games is about $5.00.  I'm not sure that any regular readers of this site could argue, as many wish they would see $5.00 per unit sold!   He also believes the "Gampocalypse" will be good for indie developers:

"I think that what app stores are going to do to the desktop market is bring its pricing into line with where it naturally wants to be. In the process this is going disempower many developers and publishers who believe their business model should be ARPU-based rather than volume-based. It will reduce the number of big-budget games to only a handful, perhaps making those games seem like the ultra-premium Gucci bag game, where most others are simply regular bags.

And yet it will also empower many newer developers."

You can read more about Tadhg on his blog: http://whatgamesare.com/

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