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16k Contest Update

Atari 16k Contest

Atari 16k Contest

We added a new Sponsor and prize to the 16K game contest.  There are 10 days left to get your 16K game in. We have already received a couple games from Ace The Super Villain, so he is way out in front in both quality and quantity. Also, we are considering adding a retro game prize for those without a Nintendo DS, and also extending the date of the contest entries until December 20th. We will keep you posted on the changes and additions as we make the final decisions.

I also plan to have a demo 16K game made in HTML5 or AS3 up later this week as an inspiration.

Indie Flash Games

The Flash Games Summit is on again in 2011. Steve and I will be part of a panel of judges for the game awards.

Richard Davey and his Photonstorm web site are featured in the latest issue of Computer Arts Projects (issue 144). His awesome games and their portability to mobile platforms is the crux of the article.

Go break some stuff with golf balls in this excellent Gaming Your Way produced corker for Shawn the Sheep.

I don't have any idea where Ryan finds the time, but his on-going series on programming structures and especially this one on Functions are as hilarious as they are informative. He also has an interesting take on Credits In Flash Games (via Mochiland).

So, I visited MochiLand to play the latest FFF winner, Gil (it's a retro sweet 90% Retrotastic), and then wandered over to pixelgames.com (Gil's home my new favorite site) and played these other excellent titles:

Games I'll Play Again (pixelgames.com) edition

One Chance - You have one chance to save the world in this depressingly awesome neveau retro classic. (88% Retrotastic)

Asteroid Raid - "River Raid In Space" is the best way to describe this instance classic. (86% Retrotastic).

Super Pixel Knight - This is an excellnt Ghouls n' Ghosts  / Ghosts n' Goblins style "run and gun" platformer. (88% Retrotastic)

Games I'll Play Again (silverlight edition)

Slengo - A very well made and nicely polished "Pengo" tribute. (86% Retrotatsic).

Planetos Crazy Comets- Ok, any game that uses samples from a Speak n. Spell should automatically get 75% to start.  There is also a fun, well made little retro shooter (based on a C64 classic) to go along with the "bitchen" samples (84% Retrotastic).

(please, please, please send us more retro games to review across various technologies and platforms (Flash, Silverlight, Java, HTML5, etc). We don't have time to seek them all out, but we promise to review as many as we can).


The judge in the Los Angeles X-Box "modding" case has just a couple problems with the prosecution's handling of the case... I would love to have this judge do something about the FCC net neutrality ruling also.

Looking for Retro Music for your commercial game? I came across Alex Mauer's site and think his stuff is excellent. Three words..."Spy Hunter Arrangement"!


Wired get's hammered and drunk-dials pong on its birthday.

Olivia Munn Photo shoot starring a classic Atari Joystick (click now!). You might as well take a look at the Star Wars collection while you are hanging around the site reading the other heavyweight political and social commentary.

The Ultimate Retro Running Race is a fooking classic!

Completely Off Topic:

What could possible rock more than the Interactive Map of Heavy Metal?

(8bitjeff is Jeff D. Fulton)


8bitrocket 16K Contest Update: New Prize Added!

So we are now 15 days from our 16K contest deadline.  We have had a lot of interest and we are expecting some really neat games to play.   Today we are announcing a new prize to Grand Prize package.    Clint Herron has graciously offered a license for his Platformer Starter Kit as an an additional prize for the contest.

Clint's product is a full featured development kit for use with the Push-Button Engine. You can see a demo that includes many different examples of the games that can be produced using the kit here: http://hanclinto.com/site/index.php/demo

We are going to to review the product soon, and we will be adding an update to the contest prize page as well.  We'd like to thank Clint Herron for getting into the spirit of this contest by providing a prize that we are sure many game developers will be interested in using.


What Can Be Made In 16K? Atari 5200 16K ROM Games

Here is some 16K inspirations for you.  The following are videos of some Atari 5200 games made in 16K or less.  The ROMs for these games fit on a 16K cart.  the games used the plethora of hardware features available for the Atari 8-bit line of computers (hardware sprites, 4-voice audio, display lists, etc.)  They are akin to the types of features you would find in a Flash, Silverlight, etc. player.   This should give you some idea of what the game programmers from the 80's were able to squeeze into 16K while using the resources of the platform available to them.




Announcing the 8bitrocket 16K Retro Re-make Contest ** Small Rule Update

Note (12/8/2010): The Prize package has been extended and the end date moved to December 19th at 11:59Pm PST.

Note (11/19/2010): We have modified the rules slightly to help with file size issues. The HTML wrapper file will not longer count in the 16K total.  See below for details.

To salute the revitalization of Atari, and to coincide with the release of The Atari Collection volume 1 for the Nintendo DS, we are happy to announce a little game development contest open to any  web playable game made with Flash, Silverlight, Java, HTML5, DHTML, CSS, Multimedia Fusion, or any other platform that can be easily played via a web browser.  As long as it can be embedded/or played via  an HTML page  it can be submitted to the contest.

The idea is to pick any game released for any Atari console or computer and create a re-make version in 16K or less. You cannot use the original graphics, sounds or even name of the game (for legal reasons) in your creation, but you get to say which game inspired the re-make.

All games must be submitted to info[at]8bitrocket[dot]com by midnight December 19th (right before December 20th begins) Pacific Standard Time.   Please send us a zip file that contains a "web publishable" folder that includes everything needed to play your game (aside from the browser plug-in).  Please tell us  the name of the game you are re-making and give us a brief description of why you chose this particular game.

We only want the executable and all assets needed to post to a web page.  We do not need any source code, or any raw assets or anything else.  Obviously, if the game is for a "non-pre-compiled" platform ( Javascript for example) then we will need the source code or at least an obfuscated version that plays properly. If your game requires a specific plug-in, please let us know. The plug-in is considered part of the platform and will not be counted in the size of the publishable code.

The entire set of publishable files for the game (not counting the HTML file needed to display the game) must fit in a folder that is 16K or less (calculated in Windows 7).  There are some variances in folder sizing between operating systems, so we will standardize on the on the Windows 7 calculations. If you submit your game and we find it to be too big, we will let you know and have a chance to update the size up until the end date for the contest.  We must be able to play your game from the folder you provide. We will not adjust any files in the folder, so if you publish a Flash SWF (for instance), please include the  HTML wrapper that will play your game (although it will not count against your 16K total). If you are using HTML5, then please keep your game .js separate from the HTML wrapper file). By doing this, we feel that web publishable technologies will be on even footing. Also, you cannot link to external files outside of the folder. For example, a 1k shell file that actually links to an off-site 1MB Java Jaguar emulator to play Iron Soldier 2 would not fit the spirit or the rules of the contest.

We will be testing all games with on a machine that is not connected to the Internet just to be sure that no off-site loading is baked into the compiled code. It is up to our discretion who is an who is not participating within the "spirit of the contest" or rules.  That being said, you would have to make an egregious faux pas to not have your game accepted. Just don't be an ass and everything will be fine.  If you have any questions as to what fits the spirit or rules, please ask us.

By submitting to the contest you are agreeing to allow us to display your game on our site for (at least) one week for voting purposes only. We must do this to ensure that all playable games are within the size regulations and to allow registered users to vote for their favorite game. Everyone who is registered on the site is allowed to vote a single time for the game of their choice. That will be 1/3 of the criteria needed to win. Both Steve and I will also get to vote and our votes each count for 1/3.

We will retain absolutely no license to the submitted games. If requested, we will delete any game from the contest review page once the contest has completed. We will replace the deleted game with a link to an external site if the game developer desires. Also, when the contest is over we will personally post a review of each entry on the site.

We are not looking for games to steal, sponsor, rip-off, or in any way take advantage of. We simply want to play some bitchen Atari retro-remakes in 16K (or under) of modern code. We will not surround your games with ads  or anything else because we will be using the game display page that YOU submit.  There won't be any ads on the individual game pages at all (unless you somehow fit your game and your own ad on your game display page). So, yes, if you really want to have Mochi ads (for example) in your game, you can, but your game and all of the ad code must fit in the 16k folder and your game must be playable from a non-connected machine. We are not doing this for any monetary gain our our part, just for the fun of it, but there are prizes for the winner...

Prizes:  There will be one main prize package given to the best game.
The Package Includes:

1. Atari' Greatest Hits: Volume 1 for the Nintendo DS

3. The Icarus Kid CD - retro inspired music by the master himself!

3.  A physical copy of our book,  The Essential Guide To Flash Games

4. Clint Herron has graciously offered a license for his Platformer Starter Kit as an an additional prize for the contest.

Clint’s product is a full featured development kit for use with the Push-Button Engine. You can see a demo that includes many different examples of the games that can be produced using the kit here: http://hanclinto.com/site/index.php/demo

Read more: 8bitrocket 16K Contest Update: New Prize Added! | 8bitrocket http://www.8bitrocket.com/2010/12/01/8bitrocket-16k-contest-update-new-prize-added/#ixzz18gCULPei

5. Richard Davey and his wonderful new game, Cat Astro Phi have become an official sponsor of the contest. Richard has graciously added a copy of the masterpiece soundtrack to this game to the prize package.

6. A Snap! Classic Arcades PC game CD collection including: a copy of Atari Warlords for the PC , a copy of Atari Millipede for the PC , a copy of Atari Crystal Castles for the PC , a copy of Atari Combat! (90's remake from Hasbro).

7. The immeasurable prestige and honor of winning the first 8bitrocket.com 16K Retro Game Remake Contest.

8. Any other retro inspired prize donated by organizations and/or groups who would like their retro related product associated with amazing developers working their magic into 16K. (hint, email us big guys)

-Steve Fulton (8bitsteve), Jeff Fulton (8bitjeff)

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