Commercial Off-The-Shelf, Dad : Why My Dad Never Joined The Computer Revolution

(Feeling melancholy about my dad’s birthday today. Here’s an old (slightly reworked) story about his aversion to technology. First published October 13th, 2012,) My brother Jeff and I loved computers as kids, and my dad supported that love… Read More

Into The Vertical Blank: Generation Atari S1:E6 – Interfaces are where two worlds collide

Into The Vertical Blank: Generation Atari S1:E6 – Interfaces are where to worlds collide The only thing from the 80’s that could rival our love for Atari was our love for punk rock and new wave, and especially,… Read More

Time Bandit

Atari Play field – Atari ST games #1 : Michtron.

Note: (This article was originally written by me – Jeff Fulton – in 2009 for the Retrogaming Times online magazine. The article does not show up anywhere in their archives anymore, so to make sure it is not… Read More

Toys R Us at (up to) 40% Liquidation – treasure hunt

Steve and I took on a field trip to record part of the Into the Vertical Blank: Growing Up Atari podcast, so say goof bye to Toys R Us, and explain what role it played in being an… Read More

The Christmas Train (An Atari Nerd Memoirs Story)

The Christmas Train (An Atari Nerd Memoirs Story) By Steve Fulton Part 1: H.O. Scale Christmas Train tracks feel like the stuff of life to me. They stretch long into an unseen distance, appear never ending, yet always… Read More

Fultonbot’s Atari VCS Quest: Transmissions From AtariSpot

Soon after I made my first post about my VCS Quest, I got a tweet from another Atari fan named AtariSpot.   He noticed my list and wanted to know if I would like to see his list… Read More

The King Of Kong: The Sociological Inner-Workings Of The Nerdcore

There is a line near the end of the extraordinary documentary The King Of Kong that carries the weight of the entire film. It was spoken by a tween-age girl, but in the context of the film, that… Read More

The Wild Gunman (1976)

  “A gun is never empty” my dad told me. He was looking straight at me. He was looking into my eyes. He had never done that before. That I could recall any way. “A gun is always… Read More

1981 : Atari VCS Christmas

 In the fall of 1981, just after starting junior high school, my brother Jeff and I tried to convince our parents that we ‘needed’ an Atari VCS for Christmas. Our parents had never been very electronics or modern… Read More

Big Mouse And Little Mouse

Note: A story about ‘play’. Before LEGO, before Star Wars, before video games,  there was just ‘Little Mouse’ and ‘Big Mouse’, the names my twin brother and I used to refer to one another while we played together…. Read More

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